Mail room screening

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Corporate mailrooms are particularly vulnerable to dangerous physical, chemical and biological threats. Because they are entry points into facilities, mailrooms require specialized mail screening equipment to detect threats and intercept them before they can harm employees and visitors. Smiths Detection provides the broadest range of rapid threat detection solutions to screen suspicious mail for dangerous threats including anthrax, ricin, weapons, narcotics and other hazards.

Technology behind mail threat detection

X-ray Inspection

X-ray technology is useful in detecting hidden weapons, explosives, and narcotics within parcels.

Trace Detection

Alert personnel to the presence of trace amounts of narcotics and explosives.

Biohazard Detection

Cell-based biosensor technology can rapidly detect the presence of pathogens with an air sample.

Whitepaper: Mail Screening Solutions
Threats concealed in envelopes and packages can pose serious danger to both facilities and its occupants. This paper explores situations your facilities may encounter and how the risks can be overcome by implementing screening methods.

How to secure your facility from security threats received via post? Check out our infographic on mail room screening to see what technology can help.

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