Web-based system-management platform

Brings mobility, flexibility, cost reduction and IT security to those, responsible for managing security checkpoints, explosive detections systems or any other Smiths Detection sensor product.
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Product Information


A web-based management platform for CXS/EDS networks, incent.control provides mobility, flexibility, cost reduction and IT security to those responsible for managing security checkpoints, explosives detection systems or any other networked Smiths Detection sensor product.

Can be used for checkpoints, hold-baggage screening systems, X-ray units, trace products and other sensors.

Using incent.control, the user’s web browser is connected with the Smiths Detection server.  The application being delivered by the server, there is no need to install any software onto individual devices.

In existing MatriX Server or HMS systems, the activation of incent.control requires only a software update of the server.

incent.control is complementary to existing HMC workstations.

Featured Highlights

• Provides system status and performance information
• Accessible from any computer with web browser, including tablets
• Web-based, means no specific software installation on client required on specific devices
• Intuitive user interface
• All communications are encrypted, meeting current IT security standards

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