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1 Jun 2021
Smiths Detection partners with Lazada Thailand to step up threat detection capabilities
26 Apr 2021
Smiths Detection provides automatic detection of lithium batteries with algorithm for HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is
15 Apr 2021
Smiths Detection awarded U.S. Customs and Border Protection contract for drive-through X-ray inspection portals
13 Apr 2021
Smiths Detection announces University of Maryland, Baltimore County successfully deploys BioFlash for airborne detection of SARS-CoV-2
13 Apr 2021
Smiths Detection confirms BioFlash capable of airborne COVID-19 detection
30 Mar 2021
Hellenic Police selects Smiths Detection to help protect southern borders
26 Mar 2021
Heathrow selects Smiths Detection for its next generation cabin baggage and security screening equipment
26 Mar 2021
Smiths Detection to supply checkpoint security screening equipment to Kuwait International Airport
16 Mar 2021
Smiths Detection equips NATO with Vehicle Scanning Technology in Luxembourg
1 Mar 2021
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro has been “Qualified” by TSA for Cargo use
24 Feb 2021
Smiths Detection equips Phoenix Suns Arena with X-ray inspection systems
17 Feb 2021
Smiths Detection’s BioFlash shown to detect airborne COVID-19
11 Feb 2021
Smiths Detection announces AOAC certification of listeria assay
1 Dec 2020
Smiths Detection to supply the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) Systems
17 Nov 2020
Smiths Detection HazMatID Elite Command Systems expand MABAS-Illinois Hazmat response capabilities
12 Nov 2020
Smiths Detection expands IONSCAN 600 capabilities to detect Spice
11 Nov 2020
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX receives approved status from Israeli Prime Minister’s Office
22 Oct 2020
Smiths Detection Inc. receives a $90.8M IDIQ contract to manufacture Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) Adapter for US Department of Defense
21 Oct 2020
Smiths Detection announces first US explosives detection system integration with tote-based baggage handling system 
6 Oct 2020
Smiths Detection Achieves Major Manufacturing Milestone in Support of the TSA Advanced Technology X-ray Program
29 Sep 2020
Smiths Detection introduces compact X-ray scanner for versatile commercial security applications
28 Sep 2020
Milan Airports Malpensa & Linate first in Italy to deploy ECAC standard 3 cabin baggage screening systems with Smiths Detection
23 Sep 2020
Smiths Detection delivers industry’s highest checked baggage screening standards to Airports Authority of India
3 Sep 2020
Smiths Detection wins contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection for rail cargo inspection solutions
1 Sep 2020
Smiths Detection & Western Advance install Downing Centre Court security system
19 Aug 2020
Incheon International Airport trials UV light tray disinfection with Smiths Detection
18 Aug 2020
Singapore Changi Airport extends partnership with Smiths Detection to supply advanced hold-baggage and explosives detection systems
12 Aug 2020
Premier Philippines airport enhances passenger throughput and experience with Smiths Detection
4 Aug 2020
Smiths Detection completes acquisition of PathSensors
9 Jul 2020
PathSensors receives expanded license from MIT for CANARY Technology
8 Jul 2020
Smiths Detection collaborates with Attomarker in the development of a Triple Antibody Testing device for COVID-19
6 Jul 2020
PathSensors Enters Merger Agreement With Smiths Detection
6 Jul 2020
Smiths Detection enters into agreement to acquire PathSensors to expand its biological-detection capability
2 Jul 2020
Smiths Detection launches iCMORE algorithms for lithium batteries and dangerous goods for HI-SCAN 10080 XCT
30 Jun 2020
Smiths Detection enters into agreement to acquire PathSensors to expand its biological-detection capability
30 Jun 2020
Smiths Detection to supply security-screening equipment to Kuwait International Airport
4 Jun 2020
PathSensors Inc. Announced the Completion of Phase I of a SBIR
13 May 2020
Smiths Detection launches Ultraviolet Light Upgrade Kits for checkpoints capable of killing 99.9% of microorganisms on baggage trays
12 May 2020
Smiths Group Vice President of Government Relations re-elected Chairman of Security Manufacturers Coalition
28 Apr 2020
PathSensors, Inc Announced a New Air Sampling Invention
24 Mar 2020
PathSensors, Inc. Announced the Development of a SARS-CoV-2 Biosensor
18 Mar 2020
PathSensors, Inc. Continues Operations with COVID – 19 Contingency Plan
20 Feb 2020
PathSensors, Inc. to sponsor and exhibit at ExperienceFr 2020
11 Dec 2019
Dr. Philip Berger joins PathSensors, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board
26 Nov 2019
Gold Coast Airport to boost checkpoint security with Computed Tomography screening solutions
13 Nov 2019
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport first in People’s Republic of China to trial Smiths Detection’s smart security checkpoint solutions
30 Oct 2019
PathSensors to Showcase Technology at 12th Annual CBRNe Convergence
27 Oct 2019
Smiths Detection to enhance Sydney Airport’s carry-on bag and hold baggage screening with Computed Tomography (CT) based explosives detection system
10 Oct 2019
Smiths Detection showcases biometric checkpoint solution at inter airport Europe 2019
8 Oct 2019
PathSensors Announces Food Safety Partnership with Jody’s Popcorn
2 Oct 2019
Melbourne Airport Terminal 4: First major airport in Australia to go ‘live’ with latest checkpoint scanners
26 Sep 2019
Smiths Detection launches new security scanner specifically developed for air cargo screening
20 Sep 2019
Smiths Detection secures $96.8m contract to provide checkpoint CT systems to Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
20 Sep 2019
Smiths Detection’s Largest Ever Order for HBS Systems Confirmed by Spanish Airport Operator, Aena
18 Sep 2019
Smiths Detection opens office at Imperial College London’s White City campus
16 Sep 2019
Smiths Detection Inc. opens new Technology Studio to showcase cutting-edge security solutions at its Americas headquarters
22 Aug 2019
Smiths Detection opens state-of-the-art service, training and experience centre in India
8 Aug 2019
Smiths Detection Inc. to help Tri-City Volunteers prepare and distribute food for families in need
8 Aug 2019
Smiths Detection deploys integrated X-ray system with auto-detecting explosives and weapons software at HarbourFront Station during Emergency Preparedness Exercise
31 Jul 2019
Roger Lawrence appointed to PathSensors, Inc Scientific Advisory Board
11 Jul 2019
Smiths Detection Inc. welcomes new interns to east and west coast operations for Summer 2019 program
27 Jun 2019
Smiths Detection CT technology boosts security and leads to improved passenger experience
19 Jun 2019
Smiths Detection Inc. volunteers at Homestead Wakefield Elementary School for Junior Achievement Day
19 Jun 2019
Cargo screening technology to be deployed by Smiths Detection at the mega Tema Port Expansion in Ghana
12 Jun 2019
Dr. David Hodge Joins PathSensors’ Scientific Advisory Board
31 May 2019
Maryland Commerce Secretary Kelly M. Schulz commemorates Smiths Detection’s commitment to public safety and community service
30 May 2019
Smiths Detection technology to be deployed in multi-member-state security initiative sponsored by the European Commission
7 May 2019
Smiths Detection donates technology to Maryland’s Harford Community College
3 May 2019
PathSensors to Attend Food Safety Summit in Rosemont, Illinois
29 Apr 2019
Smiths Detection offers reliable, accurate weapon detection
24 Apr 2019
Smiths Detection receives $4.2 Million to supply Ezeiza International Airport with advanced checked baggage screeners
9 Apr 2019
Milan Airports to deploy next generation ECAC Standard 3 EDS technology from Smiths Detection
8 Apr 2019
Smiths Detection announces new vehicle-mounted X-ray system for commercial security market
29 Mar 2019
Smiths Detection to deploy advanced checkpoint solutions at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Japan
21 Mar 2019
Smiths Detection now has two scanners with ECAC Standard 3.1 approval
20 Mar 2019
Smiths Detection paving the way for faster and hassle-free security checks at Gold Coast Airport
4 Mar 2019
PathSensors Breaks New Ground Into the Potato Testing Industry
12 Feb 2019
Smiths Detection to greatly improve security and passenger experience at Northern Territory airports
16 Jan 2019
Smiths Group Vice President of Government Relations elected Chairman of Security Manufacturers Coalition
15 Jan 2019
Smiths Detection receives order from international air freight company to supply next generation cargo screeners
14 Jan 2019
Smiths Detection wins new contract with DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction office
10 Jan 2019
Smiths Detection technology supports security across Swedish Prison and Probation Service
9 Jan 2019
Smiths Detection selected by U.S. Department of Defense to develop next generation chemical detector
8 Jan 2019
PathSensors Will be Attending the National Potato Expo This Week!
20 Dec 2018
Smiths Detection receives over $50 million order to provide explosive detection systems for use at U.S. Airports
10 Dec 2018
Smiths Detection awarded $19m contract for checked-baggage scanner
6 Dec 2018
Smiths Detection technology to make Aalborg Airport checkpoints the most advanced in Denmark
5 Dec 2018
PathSensors Provides Food Safety Testing Capabilities to LA Robotic Juice Dispenser, JuiceBot
28 Nov 2018
Melbourne Airport first in Australia to trial Smiths Detection’s advanced CT-based Screening Systems
20 Nov 2018
PathSensors Secures 5-year Department of Defense Contract for Building Protection
14 Nov 2018
Smiths Detection state-of-the-art checkpoint lanes chosen for Israeli airports
25 Oct 2018
Jeju International Airport selects Smiths Detection’s advanced CT-based screening systems
24 Oct 2018
Smiths Detection CTiX computed tomography checkpoint scanners to be tested at two U.S. Airports
23 Oct 2018
ECAC EDS CB C3 approval for Smiths Detection technology
17 Oct 2018
PathSensors’ Ralstonia and Phytophthora Assays Receive USDA Validation
8 Oct 2018
Smiths Detection supplies body scanners to correctional facilities in Oregon and Indiana
2 Oct 2018
Smiths Detection technology expert appears before U.S. Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control
2 Oct 2018
Smiths Detection meets customer demand for ISO 27001
21 Sep 2018
Smiths Detection secures multiple contracts to deliver enhanced detection solutions and bolster China’s security measures
21 Sep 2018
Smiths Detection receives $70 million order to provide CT explosives detection systems for use at airports across U.S.
19 Sep 2018
Smiths Detection agrees first proof of concept with customs administration of the Netherlands
18 Sep 2018
PathSensors Reaches Japan Through Partnership With Ensensor
12 Sep 2018
Smiths Detection to provide advanced CT explosives detection systems to Indianapolis International Airport
5 Sep 2018
Smiths Detection Inc. receives $10m order from DNDO for hand-held Radseeker radiation detectors
28 Aug 2018
PathSensors Expands Into China, Announces Partnership with Radiusen
21 Aug 2018
Smiths Detection delivers effective lithium battery detection
30 Jul 2018
Smiths Detection technology chosen for Standard 3 upgrade at Helsinki airport
17 Jul 2018
Smiths Detection technology deployed for NATO Summit security
21 Jun 2018
Further STAC approval for Smiths Detection’s Checkpoint.Evoplus
6 Jun 2018
Smiths Detection Hi-Scan 6040 CTiX receives TSA’s Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) Certification
5 Jun 2018
Smiths Detection Inc. to develop enhanced chemical explosives detection capability for US Department of Defense
5 Jun 2018
Smiths Detection launches first customer experience centre in Asia Pacific
31 May 2018
PathSensors Receives 2018 Community Partnership Award for 9 year partnership with local community college
29 May 2018
Fire service fight back against the opioid epidemic
15 May 2018
Smiths Detection supports security along critical new Ethiopian-Djibouti railway route
10 May 2018
Smiths Detection commemorates multi-million contract by Airports Authority of India at U.S. – India Aviation Summit
27 Apr 2018
PathSensors will be attending the Food Safety Summit in Rosemont, IL
28 Mar 2018
Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX scanner granted EDS CB C2 approval
23 Mar 2018
Smiths Detection hold baggage scanner meets highest security standards in EU
16 Mar 2018
PathSensors to participate in “Become a USDA SBIR Success Story!” Webinar
26 Feb 2018
Smiths Detection management change and establishment of an Executive Management Board for Asia
7 Feb 2018
Smiths Detection awarded multi-million contract by Airports Authority of India to boost aviation security
24 Jan 2018
Düsseldorf Airport to deploy next generation ECAC Standard 3 EDS screening technology from Smiths Detection
10 Jan 2018
Smiths Detection confirm order of 91 advanced scanners for new terminals at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport
4 Jan 2018
PathSensors Will be Attending the National Potato Expo Next Week!
29 Nov 2017
PathSensors Announces Food Safety Consulting Team
27 Nov 2017
Smiths Detection Wins Narita International Airport Order for Twenty CTX 9800 Explosives Detection Systems
16 Nov 2017
Smiths Detection IONSCAN 600 First ‘Approved’ Explosives Trace Detector on New TSA Air Cargo Screening List
10 Nov 2017
Smiths Detection Receives Order for Vehicle Scanning Technologies From U.S. Customs and Border Protection
1 Nov 2017
Smiths Detection Educates First Responders on Technology to Protect Against the Dangers of Fentanyl Exposure
1 Nov 2017
Smiths Detection launches CORSYS: The future of integrated security for Ports and Borders in the palm of your hand
30 Oct 2017
PathSensors’ Head of Product Development Presenting at National Academy of Sciences
25 Oct 2017
Interagency Botulism Research Coordinating Committee
20 Oct 2017
Join us October 26th at the Florida Blueberry Grower’s Associations Fall Meeting!
13 Oct 2017
Japan’s Narita Airport Deploys State-of-the-Art Security Technology
10 Oct 2017
Smiths Detection hold baggage screening technology to support upgrade to ECAC Standard 3 EDS at Munich Airport
10 Oct 2017
New Smiths Detection analytics suite keeps things moving with near 100% customer uptime
6 Oct 2017
Smiths Detection takes checkpoint security to a new level
2 Oct 2017
Maryland Lieutenant Governor Visits Smiths Detection to Learn About Technology to Combat Opioid Epidemic
22 Sep 2017
Smiths Detection wins biggest ever single order for next-generation hold baggage scanner for Frankfurt Airport
21 Aug 2017
Biotech Firm PathSensors Enters Fast-Growing Chinese Pathogen Detection Market
16 Aug 2017
Smiths Detection Inc. Addresses Fentanyl Crisis with Roundtable Seminars on Exposure Prevention at ASIS International
5 Aug 2017
Food Quality News: CANARY swoops in to help food safety
2 Aug 2017
Smiths Detection Technology Protects First Responders Against the Threat of Fentanyl Exposure
27 Jul 2017
Smiths Detection gains STAC certification for Checkpoint.Evoplus
26 Jul 2017
High-Throughput Diagnostics for Plant Safety
20 Jul 2017
London Gatwick Airport Again Selects Smiths Detection’s CTX 9800 Hold Baggage Explosives Detection System
19 Jul 2017
Smiths Detection offers onsite EDS CB software upgrades
11 Jul 2017
Smiths Detection Inc. Launches New E-Commerce Site for all U.S. Markets
4 Jul 2017
UK Ministry of Defence selects Smiths Detection for airport security contract
29 Jun 2017
Smiths Detection’s IONSCAN 600 Explosives Trace Detection System Receives Certification
13 Jun 2017
EL AL Airlines orders additional Smiths Detection CTX 5800 hold baggage explosives detection systems
9 Jun 2017
Smiths Detection achieves four more EDS cabin baggage screening approvals
1 Jun 2017
Smiths Group agrees to sell Morpho Detection’s former trace business
31 May 2017
Smiths Detection Receives Order for CTX 9800 Explosives Detection Systems Valued at Over $45M
23 May 2017
Cochin International Airport Selects Smiths Detection’s CTX 9800 for Next-Generation Hold Baggage Screening
16 May 2017
Smiths Detection Wins London Gatwick Airport Contract for CTX 9800 Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems
15 May 2017
Checkpoint.Evoplus launched today at Airport Show in Dubai
6 May 2017
Smiths Detection Announces New Distribution Partner in Brazil
7 Apr 2017
Smiths Group announces completion of acquisition of Morpho Detection
5 Apr 2017
Smiths Detection Inc. Honors Somerset County Sheriff’s Office at Maine Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference
27 Mar 2017
UK Ministry of Defence awards Smiths Detection for airport security contract
24 Mar 2017
Smiths Detection Inc. Partners with Duke University in Deep Learning Research for Airport Screening
24 Mar 2017
Smiths Detection to supply Dutch Airports with advanced hold baggage scanners
15 Mar 2017
Morpho Detection Appointed To Manchester Airports Group Framework Agreement for CTX Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems
13 Mar 2017
Smiths Detection to Unveil First Dual-View X-ray Screeners for use in Cruise Line Baggage Screening
1 Mar 2017
Smiths Detection Deploys First Smart Security Checkpoint at Kansai Airport in Japan
1 Mar 2017
Morpho Detection Awarded Cardiff Airport Contract for CTX 9800 Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems
23 Feb 2017
First County in Maine Installs Body Scanner from Smiths Detection
13 Feb 2017
Smiths Detection’s IONSCAN 600 receives CAAC approval
7 Feb 2017
SDI Statement on House Homeland Security Committee Report on America’s Aviation Security
25 Jan 2017
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040aTiX X-ray System Achieves Industry First EDS Cabin Baggage Screening Certification
19 Jan 2017
Smiths Group welcomes European Commission clearance for acquisition of Morpho Detection
12 Jan 2017
Morpho Detection Wins Bristol Airport Contract for CTX Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems
9 Jan 2017
Smiths Detection Inc. Expert to Present on Tactical Chemistry at the Florida HazMat Training Symposium
5 Jan 2017
Morpho Detection’s CTX 9800 Achieves ECAC Standard 3 Endorsement at .5 Meters Per Second
21 Dec 2016
New Bioflash MailGuard: Affordable, Fast Mail Bio Threat Detection
8 Dec 2016
Official opening of Smiths Detection’s new UK centre of excellence for trace detection
8 Nov 2016
Smiths Detection Launches ‘Aviation Insider’: New Global Web Portal for Aviation Security
31 Oct 2016
Smiths Detection Inc’s Dual-View HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro Qualifies for TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List
30 Sep 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. Announces Support for Five New ThanksUSA’s “Pathway to Tech/Stem” Scholarships
28 Sep 2016
Smiths Detection supplies next generation baggage screening technology to Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER
14 Sep 2016
Smiths Detection’s TRACE-PRO now identifies the explosive – TATP
18 Aug 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. Honors Worcester County at American Correctional Association Annual Conference
10 Aug 2016
Egyptian Ministry of Defence chooses Smiths Detection to provide advanced aviation security systems
7 Jul 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. expert to present at international association of bomb technicians and investigators’ 44th annual international training conference
21 Jun 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. receives $41M follow-on order from DNDO for handheld radioisotope identifiers
2 Jun 2016
Smiths Detection extends IONSCAN 600 capability to detect narcotics
16 May 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. Wins $65 Million, Five-Year Agreement with Federal Protective Service
10 May 2016
Smiths Detection wins large contract to equip new airport in Turkmenistan capital
27 Apr 2016
Smiths Detection Announces $17M Chemical Detector Order from the US Army
25 Apr 2016
Smiths Group focuses on global technology in security with $710m acquisition
4 Apr 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. Helps Secure SUPER BOWL 50
29 Feb 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. employees recognized for green leadership at Maryland manufacturing ceremony
4 Feb 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. receives follow-on order from U.S. Army Reserves for its Mobile Protective Shelters
24 Jan 2016
Smiths Detection Inc. wins award from DNDO for handheld RadSeeker detectors
17 Nov 2015
Smiths Detection launches TRACE-PRO, a revolutionary explosives detector for fast identification and evidence collection
28 Oct 2015
State Senator Bob Cassilly tours Smiths Detection Inc. U.S. HQ in Edgewood, MD
27 Oct 2015
Smiths Detection launches iCmore™ automatic detection software for cargo inspection X-ray systems
26 Oct 2015
Smiths Detection wins GBP6 million Chemical Agent Detector contract to equip new generation of UK Military vehicles
22 Oct 2015
Smiths Detection Inc.’s dual-view HI-SCAN 6040-2is qualifies for updated Air Cargo Screening List
14 Oct 2015
Dubuque County Chooses Smiths Detection Inc. to Provide Courthouse Security System
14 Oct 2015
Smiths Detection Inc. continues to ‘Go Green’ with new Sustainability Initiatives; Joins Maryland Green Registry
28 Sep 2015
Smiths Detection launches HI-SCAN 6040C, a new generation of X-ray scanners to enhance security in public buildings
22 Sep 2015
Smiths Detection Inc. wins order for airport checkpoint X-rays
22 Sep 2015
Smiths Detection wins major contract with Brazilian prisons
17 Sep 2015
Copenhagen Airport adds Smiths Detection’s eqo Advanced People Screening System to Checkpoints
15 Sep 2015
Smiths Detection wins first major airports contract for its new IONSCAN 600 explosives trace detector
18 Jun 2015
Smiths Detection Inc. Announces $27m order from U.S. Army for Mobile Medical Shelters
9 Jun 2015
Smiths Detection wins order to supply Mobile Inspection Systems to Nicaraguan Customs
4 Jun 2015
Next-generation trace explosives detector from Smiths Detection gains France’s STAC certification
20 May 2015
Smiths Detection announces U.S. Army Award for Next Generation Chemical Detection Air Monitor
13 May 2015
Smiths Detection Announces $23m Chemical Detector Order from the U.S. Army
7 May 2015
Smiths Detection Supplies Body Scanners to Manila Airport
21 Apr 2015
London Luton Airport chooses Smiths Detection to drive security upgrades
17 Mar 2015
Smiths Detection wins order to supply Mobile Inspection Systems to Paraguay Customs
17 Mar 2015
Smiths Detection’s next-generation trace explosives detector wins ECAC approval
16 Mar 2015
Smiths Detection Wins Major Abu Dhabi Airport Contract
10 Mar 2015
Smiths Detection to supply Heathrow with advanced hold baggage scanners
5 Mar 2015
Smiths Detection inc. expands manufacturing in Edgewood, MD
24 Feb 2015
Smiths Detection expert to present at International Association of Fire Chiefs’ 2015 Hazmat Conference
18 Jan 2015
Smiths Detection launches Checkpoint.Evo, an Integrated Airport Security Software Suite
15 Jan 2015
Smiths Group VP of Government Relations Re-Elected Chair of Security Manufacturers Coalition
13 Jan 2015
Smiths Detection Wins Major Order from Emirates for Dubai World Central
10 Dec 2014
Smiths Detection Inc. Backs U.S. Congress Passage of TSA Acquisition Reform Bills
10 Dec 2014
Smiths Detection Inc. Announces U.S. Customs and Border Protection Order for Range of Screening Systems
13 Nov 2014
HI-SCAN 6040-2is checkpoint scanner gains Standard 3 certification for Liquid Explosives Detection
7 Oct 2014
Food Engineering: Defence technology now applied in the food industry
3 Oct 2014
Smiths Detection Partners Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development on National Manufacturing Day
1 Oct 2014
Smiths Detection launches new large-scale cargo inspection system
29 Sep 2014
Smiths Detection Launches Next-Generation Non-Radioactive Explosives Detector
22 Aug 2014
Morocco Upgrades Airport Security With Smiths Detection’s High-Speed XCT Baggage Scanner
18 Aug 2014
Key European Certificate awarded to Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 10080 XCT used with trays
28 Jul 2014
Smiths Detection Wins Contract For Advanced High-Speed Scanner
1 Jul 2014
Leidos Awards Smiths Detection Multi-Million Dollar Order To Support U.S. Airports
19 Jun 2014
Smiths Detection to provide cargo security at Addis Ababa Airport
18 Jun 2014
Smiths Detection products help to safeguard G7 Summit in Brussels
10 Jun 2014
Smiths Detection Wins USD 17.6 (SAR 65.9) Million Order from Key Saudi Arabian Security Establishment
23 Apr 2014
Smiths Group Organisational Changes
22 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection announces $20m chemical detector order from the US Army
17 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection Receives US Bridge Contract For Handheld Radiation Detectors
7 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection Wins First Order for High-Speed Checked Baggage Scanner
3 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection security equipment helps protect EU-Africa Summit and Obama visit
2 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection Wins $63M X-Ray Scanner Order From U.S.
1 Apr 2014
Smiths Detection wins air cargo inspection contract in Philippines
20 Mar 2014
Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 6040-2is gains certification for Liquid Explosives Detection
3 Mar 2014
Smiths Detection Launches New Portable Identification Technology Targeting Illicit Drugs
24 Feb 2014
Smiths Detection To Supply U.S. Customs And Border Protection Miniaturized Chemical Identification Technology
19 Feb 2014
Smiths Detection Receives $42m Order From U.S. Army For Mobile Medical Shelters
30 Jan 2014
Smiths Detection To Help Safeguard Teams, Staff And Visitors At Super Bowl™ XLVIII
28 Jan 2014
Smiths Detection IONSCAN 500DT Explosives Detector On 2014 TSA Air Cargo Screening ‘Qualified’ Technology List
23 Jan 2014
Smiths Detection Establishes Manufacturing Footprint in Asia
14 Jan 2014
Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 6040aTiX Gains Another Major Certification For Liquid Explosive Detection
14 Jan 2014
Smiths Detection To Supply X-Ray Cargo Screening Systems For Canadian Border Security
20 Nov 2013
Smiths Detection Awarded $14M U.S. Customs And Border Protection Order
19 Nov 2013
Smiths Detection Launches a Light Vehicle Screener for Checkpoints
18 Nov 2013
Smiths Detection Launches New Ultra Compact Mobile Screening System for Vehicle Checkpoints
7 Nov 2013
Congresswoman Esty Visits Smiths Detection Connecticut Operations
30 Oct 2013
Smiths Detection protests TSA award of contract for AT-2 passenger screening systems
30 Oct 2013
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 145180-2is approved as TSA qualified product for air cargo screening
29 Oct 2013
Smiths Detection’s new handheld explosives identifier improves responder safety
28 Oct 2013
New Managing Director Appointed at Smiths Detection Middle East
24 Oct 2013
Smiths Detection wins prestigious innovation award for new HI-SCAN 10080 XCT X-ray scanner
23 Oct 2013
Smiths Detection Partners In Study To Find Toxic Risks To Firefighters
27 Sep 2013
Statement by Smiths Detection about TSA Award of Contract for AT-2 Passenger Screening Systems
23 Sep 2013
Smiths Detection Launches New Dual-View X-Ray System for Security Checkpoints
23 Sep 2013
Smiths Detection Awarded Approximately $7 Million Contract for Bottled Liquid Scanners
20 Sep 2013
Smiths Detection’s HazMatID Elite Receives Silver Award for Portable Analytical Instrument Design
20 Aug 2013
Smiths Detection to supply Florida with GasID units to enhance Hazmat response capabilities
29 Jul 2013
Smiths Detection launches Threat Identification Module for Liquids
25 Jul 2013
Smiths Detection Wins approximately $7m Chemical Detector Order Edgewood, MD
23 Jul 2013
Smiths Detection’s HazMatID Elite Wins Gold in Excellence In Design Awards
10 Jul 2013
Smiths Group VP of Government Relations Elected First Chair of Security Manufacturers Coalition
1 Jul 2013
Smiths Detection’s high-speed XCT scanner for hold baggage receives TSA lab certification
18 Jun 2013
Smiths Detection Provides Handheld Explosives Detectors to Protect Pittsburgh Marathon
3 Jun 2013
Smiths Detection’s high-speed XCT scanner for hold baggage installed at Bremen Airport
29 May 2013
UK’s Department for Transport approves Smiths Detection’s Multi-Mode Threat Detector
28 May 2013
Smiths Detection Signs New Zealand Hold Baggage Screening Agreement
13 May 2013
Smiths Detection’s eqo people screener wins key EU approval
8 May 2013
Smiths Detection X-ray Customers Offered Real-Time 24/7 Contact with MSA Security Certified Bomb Technicians
11 Apr 2013
Smiths Detection Supplies Explosives Detectors to Canadian Airports
8 Apr 2013
Smiths Detection Opens New Training and Service Center for the Americas
4 Apr 2013
Luxembourg Customs bolstered by Smiths Detection Cargo Scanner
27 Mar 2013
Smiths Detection wins cargo scanner contract in Azerbaijan
19 Mar 2013
Smiths Detection Supplies Portable Radiation Detectors for Canadian Border Security
13 Mar 2013
State Supreme Court Strengthens Security at New York Facilities
20 Feb 2013
Smiths Detection Starts Supplying Mobile Medical Shelters to U.S. Army
13 Feb 2013
Smiths Detection wins major Spanish airport scanner contract
12 Feb 2013
Major U.S. Emergency Response Team Boosts Capabilities with HazMatID Elite Chemical Identifier
6 Feb 2013
Smiths Detection wins £18m UK Military Order for Bio-consumables
30 Jan 2013
Smiths Detection wins €19m Italian Customs Order for Cargo Scanners