Providing the full range of solutions to meet changing airport security needs

Airports, airlines and authorities around the world trust Smiths Detection’s deep expertise in delivering integrated solutions that provide the security, operational efficiency and scalability that they need to keep their passengers, customers and infrastructure safe from threats.

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Advancing the new era of digitalised, data-driven security

Technologies are available which not only advance screening procedures and detection capabilities to monitor for and identify complex threats, but reduce the operator burden, create higher throughput, and maintain system uptime to help keep both people and property safer.

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Automatic object recognition in Aviation Security

Artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning have led to the development of smart, adaptable algorithms enabling automatic object recognition. Detecting an expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods and substances, they provide invaluable support for security operators.

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How to cope with increasing pax numbers with fewer screeners?

Meeting the growing demand for air travel in the face of severe staff shortages throughout the industry has proved challenging; and certainly highlights the importance of maximum efficiency and effective utilisation of resources.

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Digitally enhance your aviation security operations

Improve security outcomes, drive operational efficiencies, and transform passenger experience with digital technologies designed by experts with decades of experience delivering to the aviation industry.

Our Expertise

Smiths Detection has a security solution to cover nearly every aspect of security checkpoint, hold baggage and air cargo.
Checkpoint Solutions
Our integrated checkpoint solutions help customers achieve the highest levels of security and efficiency
Hold Baggage Solutions
With over 40 years’ experience in aviation security, our comprehensive HBS solution portfolio provide flexibility and scalability.
Air Cargo Solutions
The air cargo industry is growing at pace with passenger travel, yet has its own set of risks. See how our solutions help.
Proactive Service
Smiths Detection provides you with quality aftermarket service and support through the lifetime of all of our solutions.

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