iLane A20

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The next generation Automatic Tray Return System

iLane A20 was designed to increase throughput, reduce queues and improve operational efficiency at aviation passenger checkpoints. This intelligent lane has evolved from our extensive experience in integrated checkpoints and meets the most demanding customer requirements. The latest functionality, including system performance data and health monitoring, result in a highly reliable and available system. iLane A20 is easy to install, maintain and service – once the required modules are connected, configuration is automatic.

Feature highlights

Increased throughput & operational efficiency

Modular, flexible and customisable design

Plug & Play installation

Integration with Checkpoint Management System

Advanced system performance and health monitoring


iLane A20 offers different divest modules to meet individual needs and space restrictions.

Last Minute Insertion

The incline module in front of the X-ray system allows for direct insertion of trays. This enables operators to quickly re-scan items.

Diverter and High Threat Module

Trays carrying items identified as suspicious are automatically diverted off the main (cleared) conveyor towards a secondary search area. Highly suspect trays are automatically diverted into a lockable high threat module. This does not disrupt the central flow at the checkpoint.

Empty Tray Verification and Reclaim Unit

A camera checks the trays for objects and when detected as empty, they are automatically pushed into the reclaim unit. The reclaim unit automatically recirculates empty trays from the end of the checkpoint back to the divest station at the start. This ensures a continuous flow of trays and shifts the operator job functions from manual tasks to customer support.


Rejected bags are automatically forwarded to the recheck area for secondary screening. By adding Checkpoint.Evoplus, suspicious areas in bags are electronically marked and classified by the remote operator. This allows for directed search by the on-the-spot operator and reduces waiting times.

Operator Tray Infeed

Empty trays from the recheck area can be fed into the automated tray return system by the operator.


iLane A20 offers various cladding colors and LED lighting effects to suit individual aesthetics needs. The optional German Design Award-winning Marcus Pedersen design cladding further enhances the seamless passenger experience.

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