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Comprehensive air cargo detection

Air cargo security is a closed circle, in which shippers, forwarders, airlines and industry authorities work together to ensure that all air cargo worldwide is always subjected to the same thorough security checks everywhere.

Smiths Detection sets the standard for air cargo security. From start to finish, we’ll deliver the operational efficiencies, security and system reliability you need to ensure your goods get to where they need to go. Our comprehensive range of detection solutions routinely fulfil and exceed international legislative requirements for air cargo screening.

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Mitigating the risk from dangerous goods

Lithium batteries are the most common power source for the majority of electronic devices. Air freight is clearly the fastest way to transport the batteries, but with potential to ignite (particularly low quality or possibly counterfeit batteries) there is a real threat to the aviation sector. Smiths Detection now offers reliable and accurate detection of lithium batteries and other dangerous goods.

Mitigating the Safety Risk of Dangerous Goods
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Advancing the new era of digitalised, data-driven security

Technologies are available which not only advance screening procedures and detection capabilities to monitor for and identify complex threats, but reduce the operator burden, create higher throughput, and maintain system uptime to help keep both people and property safer.

Advancing The New Era Of Digitalised Data Driven Security
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Increase productivity and reduce costs with wide area networks​

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the pressure on air cargo shippers and airports to improve operational efficiency to deliver profitable growth while keeping their operations safe. Consolidating screening operations into a central hub through wide-area-networks delivers substantial operational efficiency gains.

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