Automated threat/target identification software

Feature Highlights

• Reduced image-operator burden
• Reduced analysis time
• Increased vehicle throughput
• Supports the free-flow of trade
• Intercepts illegal trade

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Product Information


Our iCmore cargo-inspection software automates the process of detecting suspicious items. It can highlight a range of defined threats and/or abnormalities within an inspection X-ray.

This removes both guesswork on the part of operators and potential errors, as well as speeding up the whole analysis process.

Consignments such as cigarettes and dangerous levels of radioactivity can be highlighted automatically.

iCmore helps to reduce delays and secure tax revenues through the interception of illegal trade.

iCmore is composed of four families:

  • iCmore Radioactivity for the detection of radioactive material (gamma & neutron)
  • iCmore Targets for the detection of specific objects (cigarettes)
  • iCmore Anomalies for the detection of abnormalities in the load
  • iCmore Changes for the detection of differences (image comparison)

Technical Specification:

iCmore Cigarettes
Helps to intercept illicit cigarette trade
iCmore Radioactivity
Reveals dangerous gamma and neutron radioactive sources and weapons
iCmore Non-empty container
Exposes falsely declared empty containers
iCmore Almost homogeneous
Reveals slight inconsistencies in homogeneous cargo, to help locate potential illicit trade