A family of automatic target recognition applications

Our object recognition software, iCMORE, uses advanced algorithms to reduce the burden on operators – and potential errors – by automating the detection process for suspicious items within inspected cargo, baggage or palleted goods.
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Product Information


iCMORE delivers the highest level of threat detection of a variety of threats, controlled and prohibited items. By doing so it also improves operational efficiency, and supports more efficient resource planning, for customs officers, security operators and other controlling authorities. Delivering improved levels of both safety and security, it is designed to identify potential threats and help combat the movement of unsafe, undeclared or illegal items.

A family of smart and adaptable algorithms for the automatic detection of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods and substances, iCMORE provides accurate, reliable and powerful detection capability to Smiths Detection X-ray and CT screening solutions, helping to reduce the burden on image analysts and improve detection/screening outcomes.

Easy to understand and navigate, iCMORE requires little training and does not impact the speed of the overall image evaluation. It has proven to be effectively integrated into normal workflows without impacting the flow of people, bags and cargo.

iCMORE makes it easy to identify more of what could be passing through your operation.

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Featured Highlights

• Reduced image-operator burden
• Reduced analysis time
• Uses AI to automatically find hazards or illicit goods
• Improves security
• Intercepts illegal trade


iCMORE Cigarettes
Helps to intercept illicit cigarette trade
iCMORE Radioactivity
Reveals dangerous gamma and neutron radioactive sources and weapons
iCMORE Non-empty container
Exposes falsely declared empty containers
iCMORE Lithium Batteries
Reveals lithium batteries hidden in air cargo and hold baggage
iCMORE Weapons
Automatically detects guns, gun parts, ammunition and knives hidden in luggage
iCMORE Dangerous Goods
Reveals flammable solids & liquids as well as compressed & liquefied gases hidden in air cargo and hold baggage.
iCMORE Currency
Detects US Dollar, Euro and Saudi Riyal banknotes, stacked or rolled, in hand luggage and daypacks