Compact & mobile X-ray inspection system

A transportable and lightweight X-ray scanner, ideal for screening in mail rooms or building entrances, including: courthouses, schools, event venues, stadiums or correctional facilities.
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Product Information


The HI-SCAN 5030C X-ray scanner is an ideal solution for screening mail and personal belongings in commercial and public buildings due to its size, mobility and durability.

The HI-SCAN 5030C is specifically designed to enhance security screening operations from courthouses to corporate campuses. Its compact size and lightweight construction enable it to fit seamlessly into checkpoints and mailrooms. Vibration absorbers make it possible to transport HI-SCAN 5030C between various locations without requiring re-calibration, providing maximum flexibility.

Featuring proven HiTrax 3 electronics and software platform to enhance and expedite security screening operations. It produces reliable and easy-to-interpret scanned images enabling screening personnel to make threat and contraband assessment of parcels to personal items quickly and confidently.

The HI-SCAN 5030C is available as a stationary desktop scanner or as a mobile version on wheels featuring vibration shock absorbers and a storage compartment.

Featured Highlights

• Lightweight and transportable
• Advanced HiTraX 3 electronic platform
• Easy-to-use
• Excellent image resolution
• On-board storage
• Customizable add-on options

Product downloads

Tunnel Size
532(W) x 328(H) mm
20.9''(W) x 12.9''(H)
Max object size
530(W) x 320(H) mm
20.9''(W) x 12.6''(H)

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