Solutions and expertise to safeguard people and infrastructure.
Public transportation networks, government buildings, prisons, public places and arenas are all highly susceptible to ongoing threats and attacks from a range of lethal weapons and explosive devices. At Smiths Detection, we deliver the cost-effective and efficient solutions needed to respond to rapidly changing threats, constantly investing and building new technologies and solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure.
Building Security
Our building security and detection solutions provide the first line of defence against threats that put the safety of people and property at risk. In correction facilities, office blocks and world heritage sites, our solutions and industry expertise give confidence and security.
Event & Attraction Security
Escalating risks to events and attractions need not come at the expense of people’s enjoyment. Smiths Detection’s products and solutions help keep illicit substances, weapons and prohibited goods out of sports arenas, concerts and conferences while ensuring the constant flow of people.
Mass Transportation Security
Ensuring that threats do not make their way into mass transport networks is essential to protect people, maintain public confidence and keep economies going. Our full range of non-invasive solutions provide the security screening needed to keep transport systems – and people – moving.
Emergency Response
Emergency responders are among the first people on the scene after an emergency or in a dangerous situation helping to secure the area and identify risks. Our portable chemical/radiation/ explosive-detection devices provide fast and accurate analysis in critical situations.

Urban Security products