Drive through portal

An automatic, drive through scanner portal for the inspection of vehicles and containers, guaranteeing constant vehicle flow on site.
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Product Information


HCVP is a drive-through portal for the inspection of trucks, containers and other vehicles, for explosives, drugs and weapons.

It can also provide manifest verification, reducing the need for manual inspections.

Its accelerators allow for steel penetration from 230mm (9in) to 300mm (11.8in) while providing a high throughput.

The HCVP is also available with options that include viZual technology for the identification of organic/inorganic materials, automatic radioactive material detection, optical character recognition and options for bumper-to-bumper scans for countries where scanning people is allowed.

Featured Highlights

• Throughput of 100 to 120 vehicles an hour
• Small footprint
• Quick and reliable search results

Minimum crew requirements
1 traffic receptionist
1 system operator
2 image operators
Scanning speed
Operating temperature
-20 to +40°C (-4 to +104°F)

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