Digital Innovation

Bring digital advantage and intelligence to your security operations

A new era of security

Developed with decades of experience and the needs of customers in mind, our digital technologies deliver enhanced capability and intelligence to your security operations, helping to improve safety outcomes, operational efficiency, and asset performance, while reducing OPEX and the overall cost of ownership.

From servers to software, centralised screening to digital enhancing apps, digital service to cybersecurity maintenance, as an end-to-end solution provider our digital offering provides benefits at every point of your operations, delivering value, capabilities and added service maintenance at every point along your operations.

Electora: A new level of connected security

Security operations are a complex and often fragmented combination of hardware and digital components. To achieve the best possible performance, our security management platform ELECTORA integrates multi-vendor devices, datasets and applications onto one single, scalable and cybersecure platform, transforming your operations while ensuring regulatory compliance and reliability. ​

Applications to enhance security and efficiency
Developed to directly address customer needs, our powerful suite of applications helps transform operations by delivering greater security outcomes, improved operations and better equipment monitoring. Whatever your needs our apps tailor your security screening and detection equipment to suit your operational requirements and your specific security concerns.
Advanced Detection
Enhance your X-ray equipment with our advanced detection algorithms and AI applications – including automatic target recognition – which enable faster and more accurate decision-making and reduce operational overheads.
Data & Analytics
Gain real-time insight into your security operations to better monitor performance, make faster decisions, plan and allocate resources, and reduce bottlenecks.
Connectivity & Integration
Streamline your operations with our connectivity and integration applications, which help to improve operator productivity and increase throughput. They can be easily integrated with new technologies and third-party solutions, allowing you to create a single, intelligent security network spanning over your entire operation.
Operational Management
With our operations applications, you get a more complete view of your equipment’s health status, which increases up-time, reduces interruptions, and improves the lifetime of your investment.
Because every Smiths Detection solution produces data and is part security operations, cybersecurity is considered at every stage of a products life – from design to operation to end-of-use. This includes working with our customers to ensure security of the their equipment.
Digital Service

We have transformed our service delivery to bring customers a better, faster experience that helps reduce equipment down time and improve how we work together. Our service management system, we’re delivering our customers globally the best-in-class service and aftermarket support.

Open architecture
Smiths Detection supports an open architecture approach to our digital product development. This means that many of our solutions are interoperable, allowing the benefits to be realised by customers even if they’re not using Smiths Detection equipment. At the same time we’re working to allow for the integration of third-party apps so users can bring all their technology and insights onto one platform.

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