Market Sectors


Airports, airlines and authorities around the world trust Smiths Detection’s deep expertise in delivering integrated solutions that provide the security, operational efficiency and scalability they need to keep their passengers, customer and infrastructure safer.

In the face of escalating cross-border movement of contraband, ports, customs and border protection authorities need rigorously to monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people for illicit goods or dangerous materials. Smiths Detection provides the technologies needed to limit illegal activities and prevent threats, without affecting global trade.

Smiths Detection delivers cost effective and efficient solutions needed to respond to rapidly changing threats, constantly investing and building new technologies and solutions safeguarding people and infrastructure.

Smiths Detection has worked with defence forces for over 50 years, gaining significant insight into the needs of armed forces, as well as experience of applying smart science at the frontline. Our low-maintenance, reliable equipment produces accurate, in real-time information about traces of explosives or other suspect materials on people, packages, vehicles or surfaces.