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Create a safer prison environment

Precise and accurate detection and confiscation of contraband in prisons can prevent drug abuse, violence and further criminal acts. The latest security screening technology can help keep officers and inmates safe by mitigating the risk of unrest, illness and debt which often result from access to illicit goods and improvised or smuggled weapons.

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Watch a webinar on contraband detection hosted by featuring Michael Frunzi, Ph.D., Business Development Manager at Smiths Detection.  During this webinar, viewers will learn about various types of contraband detection and identification technologies available to safeguard correctional facilities.  Click the button below to be redirected to the on-demand webinar page.

Create a safer prison environment

The prevalence of Spice is exacerbating an already under-staffed and straining system and it has been difficult or even impossible to detect– until now! Our team has been developing detection algorithms to focus on the key chemical compounds found in the vast majority of Spice substances.

Check out our White Paper for a fascinating insight into this insidious drug, its manufacture, distribution, effects on prisoners and how and where it can be detected.

Fentanyl – a lethal narcotic

The number of drug overdoses in prisons has risen dramatically in recent years and this is largely due to the fentanyl epidemic plaguing many parts of the world. This synthetic opioid is difficult to detect when concealed and poses a danger to not only prisoners who ingest or inject it, but also staff who unknowingly come into contact with contraband drugs.

Check out our specialist fentanyl resource featuring a webinar, White Paper, common risk scenarios, how to improve opioid detection and more…

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Smiths Detection offers a diverse range of screening systems designed to be reliable, effective and easy to operate whilst offering longevity and low maintenance. It is your last line of defence against contraband.

Advanced detection technology is not only very effective but also cost efficient – the cost of ownership has been pushed down to an absolute minimum on the latest systems.

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