New augmented X-ray technology takes detection to the next level

The latest augmented X-ray technology will revolutionise detection by substantially increasing efficiency, thereby helping operators in their mission to keep people and property safe.
The vastly superior image quality offered by augmented X-ray technology means that more data is captured in each scan, which enables operators to get a much clearer picture of where objects are located within cargo and what material they are made of. 

Augmented technology offers key advantages over standard X-rays:

  • A substantial improvement in radioscopic image quality, which results in images with significantly enhanced resolution and almost eight times as many pixels.
  • As much as 60 times more data can be captured from each scan.
  • As a result of this extra data, new image-processing algorithms can be created that provide operators with better object positioning and depth information, so that they identify whether a specific object is located at the front, in the centre, or at the rear of a container.
  • This improved perception of an object’s depth and position within a container means a substantial improvement in detection capabilities and enables manual checks to be more targeted when they are necessary.
  • Unlike conventional monochrome X-rays, augmented X-ray technology can use colours to highlight the location of objects within a container, thereby facilitating object identification.
  • The ability to discriminate between different materials is enhanced. The ability to “suppress” certain materials means that identification of target materials can be improved so that they can be recognised at first sight.
  • The extra data captured, combined with dedicated algorithms, can be used to significantly reduce the problem caused by oscillations of the scanner boom that can negatively impact image analysis.
  • The X-ray frequency can be adapted to the speed of the scanned vehicle, which removes the need for an external sensor to measure vehicle speed and therefore eliminates the risk of inaccuracy or failure from such a sensor.


This augmented X-ray technology can be applied in a range of detection environments, including mobile, gantry and portal cargo inspection.