Stationary inspection system

A stationary solution providing analysis of both the sides and top of an inspected vehicle, using material discrimination to reduce manual inspection.
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The HCVS X-ray screening systems optimises security checks at ports and border crossings by screening whole trucks (cabin included), containers, and vehicles for threats and illegal contraband. With the ability discriminate to different organic/inorganic materials, the HCVS reduces the need for manual inspection.

HCVS  provides both a top and a side X-ray image of the truck scanned, assisting in detection an exact location of suspicious items. It is capable of penetrating 410mm (16.1in) of steel, and has a high throughput of up to 20 trucks per hour.

The system’s high-performance imaging capability provides the operator with detailed radioscopic images of a container or vehicle and its contents, allowing for rapid and reliable results. With viZual technology configuration, available on the side X-ray view, radioscopic images deliver container or vehicle loads with organic and inorganic material discrimination and colourization based on atomic number.

With the addition of the DaiSy graphic user-interface, operators can easily operate their tasks, as the X-ray image analysis.

When equipped with the optional iCmore automatic radioactive material detection capability, the HCVS simultaneously carries out both the X-ray inspection and an analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma and/or neutron materials within the container or vehicle.

The HCVS systems have proven to be an indispensable tool for customs agencies and law enforcement authorities worldwide.

Featured Highlights

• Inspect loaded trucks, containers and vehicles at ports and border crossings
• Dual X-ray image analysis
• High throughput of up to 20 trucks per hour
• Steel penetration up to 410mm (16.1in) @ 9 MeV
• Adapted footprint and security perimeter

Product downloads

20 trucks per hour
Steel penetration
Side view: up to 410mm (16in) Top view: up to 380mm (16in)
Minimum staff requirement
1 supervisor
3 image operators
1 traffic marshal
1 check-in operator
1 recheck operator

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