HI-SCAN 6040i

Entry level X-ray unit

Feature Highlights

• One of the most sold systems world-wide
• Easy to operate      
• Powerful 140kV generator for steel penetration up to 31mm     
• Integrates with iLane checkpoint designs

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Product Information

HI-SCAN 6040i

This entry level X-ray unit is for screening personal belongings and cabin baggage at airport checkpoints and critical infrastructure.

It is easy to operate and increases throughput at security checkpoints. Its material discrimination technology ensures reliable image analysis.

The HI-SCAN 6040i is the most successful X-ray inspection system in its class, with more than 12,000 installations worldwide.

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Technical Specification:

Max. object size
615 (W) x 410 (H) [mm]

24.2” (W) x 16.1” (H)
2,004 (L) x 850 (W) x 1,284 (H) [mm]

78.9 (L) x 33.5 (W) x 50.6” (H) [in]
approx. 400kg
approx. 881.9lbs