Compact, wearable Chemical Detector

A rugged and reliable chemical-warfare agent identifier and TIC detector, the LCD is the most widely deployed personal chemical detector in use by armed forces globally.
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Product Information


Based on leading Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology, the LCD 4 is an advanced warning device, that alarms to gas and vapour threats detected and identified at or below immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) levels, by determining the agent or type, class, concentration and dosage of chemical exposure. It can also be used as a screening and survey device.

Flexible mounting options allow the LCD 4 to be handheld or clipped to a belt, harness or shoulder strap, to enable the user to undertake their primary role without obstruction. Features include both audible and visual alarms plus a clear, easy-to-read liquid crystal display.

This device is very simple to operate and requires no calibration or complicated routine maintenance. The impressive performance of the LCD 4 combined with its ergonomic design and functionality provides a wide range of user capability while ensuring a minimal logistic burden.

LCD 4 can record up to 72 hours of mission data for future analysis and features RS232 connectivity for data downloads and post-mission analysis. The device is designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.

New product extensions and accessories extend the capabilities of the LCD 4, including wireless connectivity and detection of trace explosive, narcotics including fentanyls, and novichok chemical agents.

LCD 4 is based on the LCD 3.3, selected by US DoD for the Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) programme. The LCD 4 is backed by first-rate service, training and support to ensure optimum product performance

Featured Highlights

• Combined CWA and TICs detection library
• Up to 75 hours continuous use from a single set of commercial AA batteries
• Operates reliably in extreme environments
• Uses advanced, non radioactive IMS technology
• Enhanced with new communications and trace detection extensions

Auto Inlet Module
Power and Communications Adaptor
Please select your region to order LCD 4 test accessories
Please select your region to order LCD 4 test accessories
10.6 x 18.0 x 4.65cm (4.17 x 7.08 x 1.83in)
0.58kg (1.3lbs) including batteries
6 Vdc 110/240V ac using PSU (Power Supply Unit)
4 x AA lithium iron disulphide or 4 x AA alkaline manganese dioxide. (re-chargeable NiMH AA batteries can be used)
Detection technology
Advanced non rad Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Agents detected
Nerve, blood, blister, choking and a selected library of TICs
Available colours
Green or Black
Operating temperature range
-32º to + 49ºC (-25.6°F to 120°F)
Battery life
Alkaline type 40 hours/Lithium type 75 hours

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