HI-SCAN 100100T

Single-view scanning for large objects

Ideal for inspecting over-sized baggage and freight, the HI-SCAN 100100T is a state-of-the-art X-ray inspection system for heavy objects up to a size of 100 x 100cm.
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Product Information



The HI-SCAN 100100T is a state-of-the art X-ray inspection system for scanning objects up to a size of 100 x 100cm.

Designed to meet the needs of airports, customs facilities, transportation operations, carriers and parcel services – in applications where high security and the screening of large objects are required.

The low installation height of the conveyor system facilitates the connection of supplementary feed and/or discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight.

Featured Highlights

- Ideal for inspecting over-sized baggage and freight
- Low conveyor belt allows for easy handling of heavy goods
- Outstanding image quality with HiTraX electronics
- Wire detectability AWG 38
- HI-MAT Plus technology provides better material distinction
- Tunnel size in optimal proportion to entire system
- Typical steel penetration 32mm

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Max. object size
1000 (W) x 1000 (H) [mm]

39.4 (W) x 39.4 (H) [in]
3578 (L) x 1234 (W) x 1900 (H) [mm]

141.0 (L) x 48.6 (W) x 74.8 (H) [in]
approx. 930kg

approx. 2,050lbs

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