MailGuard System

Complete mail room biothreat detection solution

Offering rapid, biological aerosol collection and identification using forced airflow within a downdraft booth.
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Product Information


The BioFlash®MailGuard System, is a ready to use mail screening solution for both packages and envelopes. Incorporating CANARY™ technology, the system provides rapid, sensitive, and specific identification of biological warfare agents that may be present in mail or packages coming into your facility.

The MailGuard incorporates the BioFlash®biological identifier, which detects and identifies specific biological agents with no need for sample manipulation or user interpretation. An easy-to-read LCD display provides test results immediately after analysis.

The complete system includes all components needed for operation including the BioFlash® pathogen identifier, downdraft booth, mail jogger, and compact refrigerator. And can connect to the Internet via an optional tethered laptop computer, which permits remote system diagnostics. Option for remote monitoring of test results with quarterly system reporting.

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Featured Highlights

- Captures particles up to 10 microns in size
- Low operational and maintenance costs
- Used by top government and commercial mailrooms
- Easy to use and decontaminate
- PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity
- Extremely low false alarm rates

Product downloads

Downdraft booth using forced airflow in addition to the BioFlash.
The BioFlash unit utilising Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields (CANARY), using genetically engineered immune cells.
Large volume particle sampling using a blower that collects air from inside the downdraft booth.
Pathogen detection
Biothreats, Plant pathogens, Food pathogens and Human pathogens
BioDisks, containing cuvettes
Analysis time
Approx. 2 minutes
BioFlash identifier - 15.9kg (35lbs)
Complete Unit - 362.8kg (800lbs)
Dimensions (L x H x D)
BioFlash identifier - 33 x 36 x 41cm (13.0 x 14.2 x 16.1in)
Downdraft booth - 152.4 x 198.1 x 61.0cm (60 x 78 x 24in)
Operating temperature
5°C - 45°C (41˚F - 113˚F)
Operating humidity
5 - 95%, non-condensing

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