Mobile X-ray inspection system

Customized to meet user needs, the ScanVan integrates Smiths Detection's HI-SCAN X-ray technology to screen freight, luggage or mail.
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A self-contained, mobile system for immediate and flexible screening anywhere temporary or additional security measures are needed. Ideal for on-the-spot security screening at ports and borders, airports, concerts, sports arenas, conference centres, campuses and theme parks.

At its core, ScanVan has a high powered, X-ray scanner for checking a wide-range of objects such as cargo, electronics, boxes, backpacks, luggage, baby buggies and much more. The vehicles include all the equipment needed to control the scanning process plus a powerful, motorised conveyor for easy loading and unloading. They can be driven without a commercial license.

Available according to geographical location, there are two models –  ScanVan 8585 and ScanVan 100100 PRO.

ScanVan 8585

Available in Europe and across the world (excluding USA), this model is built as standard on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CDI with the option to choose an Iveco Daily 40C15. It features an HI-SCAN 8585 scanner as well as an air-conditioned control-room and is powered by either an external source or the optional on-board generator.

The HI-SCAN 8585 has a large tunnel measuring 853 x 856 mm. The high-quality X-ray can penetrate up to 31mm of steel.

ScanVan 100100 PRO

This model is specifically geared towards the USA market and is built on a Ram ProMaster® cargo van with integrated HI-SCAN 100100 scanner. It can be powered via an external supply or the on-board generator. The HI-SCAN 100100 tunnel is an impressive 1010 x 1010mm to accommodate larger objects. The high-quality X-ray can penetrate up to 35mm of steel.

Featured Highlights

• Mobile, flexible security screening
• Scans wide range of objects
• Powerful X-ray generator
• Penetration up to 35mm steel
• On-board power generator
• Insulation and air-conditioning

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