HI-SCAN 145180-2is

Large objects dual view scanner

Universal X-ray system for palletised items, ideal for use in warehouses. Dual view for shorter inspection times.
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Product Information


The HI-SCAN 145180-2is has two 160kV generators in a 90° opposition providing a horizontal and vertical view of the object (dual-view) for shortened inspection time and high-quality images.

The tunnel dimensions of 1,450mm (57in) width and 1,800mm (71in) height is suitable for the inspection of air cargo transported on standard Euro, British or US pallets.

For large-scale cargo screening, check the Advanced HI-SCAN 180180 2is pro.

Featured Highlights

• Universal X-ray system for palletised items
• Dual view for shorter inspection times
• Small-pitch roller conveyor, capacity 1,000kg/m – or up to 5,000 kg when evenly-distributed
• Meets TSA requirements for max. skid size of 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.65 m
• Typical penetration: 37mm steel
• HI-MAT Plus technology for advanced material discrimination

Product downloads

Max. object size
1,450 (W) x 1,800 (H) [mm]
57.1 (W) x 70.9 (H) [in]
5,545 (L) x 2,160 (W) x 2,545 (H) [mm]

218.3 (L) x 85 (W) x 100.2 (H) [in]
Approx. 3,000kg
Approx. 6,600lbs

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