SDX 100100 DV

Advanced dual-view scanners for large objects

The SDX 100100 DV series delivers high throughput break-bulk freight and oversized baggage screening
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Product Information


The SDX 100100 DV series is specifically designed to meet the needs of airports, parcel services, carriers, customs facilities, and other high security environments.

The ergonomic high conveyor of the SDX 100100 DV HC allows convenient manual handling of inspected objects, while the low installation height of the SDX 100100 DV LC conveyor belt makes the connection of supplementary feed- and/or discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight simple. 

Harnessing the power of dual-view X-ray technology, the scanners provide a horizontal and vertical view of the screened object, facilitating reliable inspections of tightly packed objects and shortening inspection times.

Both versions are available with either a 0.2 m/s or 0.5 m/s belt speed, delivering high throughput for a faster and more efficient screening process, without compromising safety. 

Any of the SDX 100100 DV configurations can be easily integrated into external material handling systems as well as into one intelligent network that allows Central Image Processing.

The new hardware and software provide best in class image quality for increased operational efficiency. To further enhance security outcomes, the scanners can be supplemented with Smiths Detection’s automated threat detection software for weapons and lithium batteries, iCMORE.

Featured Highlights


• Excellent detection capabilities exceeding international standards by far

• Latest hard- and software configuration for best performance and future proofing

• Various options for integration, allowing adaption per application

• AI-based iCMORE option for additional detection options, including Lithium batteries and weapons

• Wire resolution up to AWG 41

• Steel penetration up to 37 mm


Dimensions SDX 100100 DV HC
3591 (L) x 1765 (W) x 1992 (H) mm
Dimensions SDX 100100 DV LC
3591 (L) x 1860 (W) x 1992 (H) mm
approx. 1600 kg
Maximum object size
1000 x 1000 mm (39.4 x 39.4in)
Conveyor Load
200kg (440 lbs) evenly distributed

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