Rail cargo inspection system

The HCVT delivers side-view X-ray images of freight wagons or railcars.
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The HCVT side-view X-ray inspection solution analyses rail cars and wagons to reveal dangerous or illegal cargo, such as cigarettes, explosives, narcotics and weapons.

With its powerful 6MeV generator, the HCVT can scan up to 300 containers in 10 minutes. It has the ability to see through 300mm (11.8”) of steel, when a train is travelling at an optimal speed of 15km/hr.

Smiths Detection’s powerful DaiSy software provides operators with access to a variety of customizable image treatments, options and comparison tools to support effective interpretation of images and verification of cargo.

Our CargoVision™ operating platform can also be upgraded with additional options such as automatic container code recognition, for the quick retrieval of associated dataset information.

HCVT can be networked with Customs EDI networks and other HCV systems, to support remote analysis, comparison and knowledge sharing.

Featured Highlights

• Helps to intercept dangerous goods and contraband transported by rail
• Automates processes and links to Customs EDI networks and other HCV systems
• Inspects rail cars and wagons travelling at a max. speed of 30 km/h
• Ergonomic operator interface, delivering separate images for each wagon
• No radioactive source used to emit X-rays

Minimum crew requirements
1 supervisor, 1 image-selection operator, 2 image analysis operators
Scanning speed
Operating temperature
-20° to +40°C (-4° to +104°F)
-25° to +40°C (-13° to +104°F) with the optional cold weather kit
-20° to +55°C (-4° to +131°F) with the optional hot weather kit
Steel ultimate penetration
HCVT 60: 30cm@15km/h

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