Advanced screening using CT technology

Feature Highlights

• ECAC and STAC EDS CB C3 approved
• TSA AT-2 TIER II and TSA CPSS certified
• Highest throughput levels through high belt speed (0.2m/s)
• Laptops can remain in bags
• High detection rate and low false-alarm rate thanks to MAT technology
• Easily integrated into existing checkpoints

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Product Information


The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX offers advanced screening of carry-on baggage using Computed Tomography (CT). It has TSA AT-2  and CPSS certification as well as ECAC and STAC EDS CB C3 approval.  C3 approved systems deliver a very high level of explosives detection and can also scan baggage without removing electronic devices and liquids – expediting screening and makes the whole process less stressful for passengers.

The 6040 CTiX gantry rotates at a constant speed as baggage is carried through it on the conveyor belt. Hundreds of images are taken to create 3D images in real-time, allowing for more accurate judgments on the bag contents.

HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX can be integrated with iCMORE automatic weapon detection. Click here to learn more.

Product Downloads:

Data Sheet

Technical Specification:

3,300 (L) x 1,670 (W) x 1,670 (H) [mm] 129.9 (L) x 65.7 (W) x 65.7 (H) [in]
Approx. 2,450kg (5,401 lbs)
Tunnel dimensions
620 (W) x 420 (H) [mm] 24.4 (W) x 16.5 (H) [in]
Conveyor Speed
0.2 (m/s)
Checkpoint;AvSec>Air Cargo;AvSec>Hold Baggage;Def>Force Protection;UrbSec>Corrections;UrbSec>Courts;UrbSec>HazMat;UrbSec>Police;UrbSec>Private Security;UrbSec>Public\/Govt Buildings;UrbSec>Mass Transit"},"hs_all_owner_ids":{"value":"31689098"},"market_sector":{"value":"Aviation Security"},"bpp_qms":{"value":"Yes"},"website":{"value":"http:\/\/macenigeria.com\/"},"address":{"value":"Suite 133 Edo House Bar Beach, Victoria Island"},"bpp_territory_ies":{"value":"Nigeria;Benin;Togo;Gabon;Democratic Republic of the;Republic of the;Guinea;Cameroon;Chad"},"hs_analytics_first_visit_timestamp":{"value":"1499369154016"},"hs_analytics_first_timestamp":{"value":"1499369153502"},"hs_user_ids_of_all_owners":{"value":"5591582"},"bpp_disaster_recovery_plan":{"value":"No"},"hs_target_account_probability":{"value":"0.6814767718315125"},"hs_lastmodifieddate":{"value":"1631096433403"},"hs_num_decision_makers":{"value":"0"},"hubspot_owner_assigneddate":{"value":"1529952473328"},"notes_last_contacted":{"value":"1573041388614"},"total_revenue":{"value":""},"hs_num_contacts_with_buying_roles":{"value":"0"},"recent_conversion_date":{"value":"1624457399069"},"bpp_in_country_licensing":{"value":"Yes"},"hs_analytics_source_data_2":{"value":"ai \/ 1705nlbanner 468x60"},"hs_analytics_source_data_1":{"value":"2016_q4_large_airports_inspire"},"lifecyclestage":{"value":"opportunity"},"num_notes":{"value":"2"}}}}' last-download="">

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