HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is

Automatic explosives detection system

Using a dual view X-ray system, the HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is improved the evaluation process allows operators to ‘look behind’ objects while automatically screening baggage for explosives.
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Product Information


Within the proven multi-level method of checked-baggage screening, all baggage is screened automatically for explosives by a high-speed Level-1 system, the EDX-2is. Bags cleared by EDX-2is continue to their determined destination while rejected bags are automatically diverted to a second security level for further inspection, significantly.

With a tunnel opening of 1070mm x 810mm, the EDX-2is allows the screening of oversized objects up to 3.8m, avoiding the need for alternative screening.

With its high detection capability, combined with a low false-alarm rate, the system can screen up to 1,800 bags per hour.

Automatic detection of lithium batteries (iCMORE Lithium Batteries) is offered as an option on this scanner.

Featured Highlights

• Dual-view system
• Approved according to EU regulation 1448/2006 - Standard 2
• Highest rate of detection in its class
• Tunnel opening 100 x 80cm suitable for oversized luggage
• Screening rate of up to 1,800 luggage items per hour
• STAC and DfT certified

Product downloads

Max. object size
1,060 (W) x 800 (H) x 3,800 (L) [mm]

41.7 (W) x 31.5 (H) x 149.6 (L) [in]
2,900 (L) x 2,140 (W) x 1,900 (H) [mm]

114.2 (L) x 84.3 (W) x 74.8 (H) [in]
approx. 3,000 kg

approx. 6,614 lbs

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