Mitigating the Safety Risk of Dangerous Goods

iCMORE – Automatic Dangerous Goods Detection

With Smiths Detection’s iCMORE you can reliably and accurately detect potentially dangerous goods using both conventional X-ray and explosives detection systems (EDS) to protect the lives of your staff, your assets and your reputation. iCMORE uses advanced automatic object recognition and artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve maximum detection performance.

iCMORE Lithium Batteries delivers accurate automatic detection of lithium batteries to mitigate the risk posed by this volatile item, known to have caused severe damage in the past.

iCMORE Dangerous Goods automatically detects lithium batteries, flammable liquids and solids as well as liquefied and compressed gases.

The potential that lithium batteries ignite is a real threat to the aviation industry, particularly where the batteries are either low quality or counterfeit.

From January 2006 to December 2020, a total of 303 incidents of smoke, heat, fire or explosion involving lithium batteries in air cargo or hold baggage has been recorded, with a significant jump in incidents occurring since 2016.

With the use of lithium batteries set to continue, caution is required.

The Power of Digital Capabilities for Security Screening

Sally Dolan Nordeen shares how innovation in screening technologies provide air cargo companies an enhanced security, improving their operations.

Automatic object recognition in Aviation Security
AI techniques such as deep learning have led to the development of smart, adaptable algorithms for automatic object recognition in aviation security.

Key Benefits


Increased safety levels


High detection rate


Low false alarm rate


Little/no training required

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