Modular checkpoint

Feature Highlights

• Huge variety of modules
• Modular passive and motorized conveyors
• Gravity-driven manual tray return system
• Ready for remote screening integration
• Ideal for compact checkpoints or low to medium throughput checkpoints

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Product Information is a flexible, modular tray handling system designed to meet constantly evolving requirements.

Its wide variety of modular components – many of which can be upgraded – allow for individually designed checkpoints that can be intelligently integrated into existing airport environments and infrastructure. facilitates fast, passenger friendly and cost efficient processes with the highest levels of security.

The concept can be combined with the wide range of Smiths Detection’s advanced checkpoint X-ray machines and is an integral element of Checkpoint.Evo.

Design features

Checkpoint designs to facilitate enhanced operations such as:

  • Remote screening
  • Image distribution
  • Directed search/recheck
  • Checkpoint management
  • Innovative modular design allows system to be adapted to available space
  • Automatic bag spacing (variable 100 – 500mm)
  • Automatic bag reject diverter
  • Motorized conveyor option with variable speed
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