HI-SCAN 5180si

Airport check-in X-ray system

HI-SCAN 5180si produces extremely detailed X-ray images for improved checked baggage security at airport checkpoints.
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Product Information


Designed for the screening of carry-on luggage at airport checkpoints, the HI-SCAN 5180si is equipped with an advanced multi-energy X-ray generator to provide drastically enhanced image resolution of the scanned objects.

Featured Highlights

• High-resolution image display based on XADA sensor technology
• Up to 37mm steel penetration
• Wire detectability up to AWG 40
• Tunnel height of 800mm

Product downloads

Max. object size
510 (W) x 795 (H) [mm]
20.1 (W) x 31.3 (H) [in]
3,090 (L) x 1,452 (W) x 1,195 (H) [mm]

121.6 (L) x 57.2 (W) x 47.0 (H) [in]
approx. 600kg
approx. 1,322.8lbs

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