Networking systems

MUX links the CTX systems with user and control interfaces for remote screening of checked baggage.
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Product Information


MUX allows multiple operators to view bags from single or multiple explosives detection systems, resulting in more efficient screening and better use of personnel.

With built-in redundancy to ensure network dependability, leading industry-standard switches and servers, and hot-swappable components to minimize downtime, our networking solutions help to increase security and to lower operational costs – while optimizing the use of critical personnel. Designed to be flexible and highly customizable, our infrastructure future-proofs your investment as your airport’s needs grow and change.

It is highly customizable to fit the exact needs of any airport, and flexible enough to accommodate new regulations or passenger growth.

Featured Highlights

• Scalable, flexible solution for networking explosive detection systems
• Highly customisable, site-specific network design
• Multiple redundancies to minimise points of failure
• Hot-swappable components with automatic failover
• Centralised data collection and seamless integration of 2D and 3D images

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