MatriX Server

Image distribution system

Feature Highlights

• Hardware and software for optimal image distribution and system control
• Provides large range of administration functions, statistics, reports and TIP functionality
• Scalable with numerous options
• Proven redundancy solutions tailored to customer needs
• Meeting current IT security standards

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Product Information

MatriX Server

The MatriX Server connects X-ray units and operator workstations to manage the distribution of images and results within a multi-level X-ray network. Meets individual requirements for hold-baggage-solution image routing from a large set of standard configurations for any size of airport.

Each unit is assembled and configured according to customer specific needs and tested to ensure turn-key operation.

Its high level of reliability is based on the use of high-quality components and commercially available standard hardware.

Based on Smiths Detection’s technology, the MatriX Server can support up to 600 X-ray units.

Additional features:

  • Air-conditioning – to extend the temperature range
  • Single-mode optical-fibre technology – allows the connection of units over distances greater than 1,000m
  • External network connection – a hardware firewall and the configuration of special communications for time synchronisation or the exchange of results with the airport computer

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