SDX 10060 XDi

Advanced screening using X-ray Diffraction technology

Providing highly accurate material discrimination and substance identification, the SDX 10060 XDi allows for exceptional detection of powders, liquids, and solids.
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Product Information


The Smiths Detection SDX 10060 XDi leverages cutting-edge X-ray Diffraction (XRD) technology to offer unparalleled material discrimination and substance identification capabilities. By generating a unique 'diffraction fingerprint' for molecular structures, it can accurately distinguish between substances with similar densities, making it exceptionally effective for identifying homemade explosives and narcotics in various forms. This advanced detection system is especially beneficial for high-volume, high-speed applications such as hold baggage screening at airports and parcel processing, where it enhances security and operational efficiency.

The SDX 10060 XDi's ability to integrate with existing material and baggage handling systems allows it to handle alarm queries from multiple Level 1 scanners, significantly reducing manual checks and the overall false alarm rate. This automation not only saves substantial operational costs but also minimises human error. It is designed to meet ECAC 3.1, 3.2 and TSA 7.2 and is also one of the few technologies likely to detect evolving threats and therefore meet future regulatory standards. The detection library will evolve over time ensuring your security operation remains future-proofed. Furthermore, its specialised detection capabilities are invaluable for customs agencies, offering adaptable and up-to-date screening for prohibited items, including narcotics. 

Featured Highlights

  • Superior detection of specific materials, including homemade explosives.
  • Enhanced efficiency through automated handling of most alarm situations.
  • Significant reduction in false alarm rates.
  • Reduction in manual oversight leads to lower operating costs.
  • Advanced detection technology prepared for future security challenges.
  • Precise identification of narcotics and prohibited items with adaptability.
System dimensions
5945 [L] x 2360 [W] x 2550 [H] mm
Tunnel dimensions
1050 [W] x 605 [H] mm
System weight
Approx. 8800kg (19400lbs)
Belt speed
0.1 - 0.2 m/s
Conveyor height from floor
880 mm
Maximum object size
1000 [W] x 600 [H] mm

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