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Leave no threat hidden with comprehensive hold-baggage solutions

Passenger travel and air cargo volumes are increasing rapidly. So are security threats. New regulations require more powerful and intelligent systems to detect a wider range of substances and dangerous goods – wherever they might be hiding.

Smiths Detection is leading the industry in the development of hold-baggage screening (HBS) equipment, with comprehensive solutions that deliver the highest levels of security and operational efficiencies. Our HBS solutions offer the flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of small airports, multi-terminal, and multi-airport operations alike. And our deep understanding of detection technology, regulatory compliance, and service means you have innovative solutions built to last, ready to handle the detection, business growth, and regulatory demands of tomorrow.


New Unaccompanied Baggage Inspection application reduces delays and costs

Eliminate costs while improving productivity and passenger experience: all by preventing the offloading of unaccompanied bags

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