Case study, Urban Security
Improving security screening efficiency for a safer courthouse
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Case study, Urban Security
Improving security screening efficiency for a safer courthouse
Download this case study

Roughly 1,000 people check-in through the main entrance of Hall County Courthouse in Gainesville, GA every day. The Court Services Division is responsible for ensuring the security of the courthouse through the inspection of all those who enter, to intercept potentially dangerous or illegal contraband such as weapons, explosives, narcotics and more.

Hall County Courthouse‘s previous checkpoint x-ray inspection system was more than a decade old, and created a significant challenge to keep up with modern efforts to smuggle contraband. Further, its throughput speed could not keep up with the increasing number of visitors which translated into longer wait times.


Enhance safety by improving the screening process for personal belongings carried by visitors entering into the Hall County Courthouse in order to prevent dangerous and illegal items from being brought onto the premises. In addition, the method for screening personal belongings needed to have more advanced technology than what was already in use and have greater efficiency.


In conjunction with the Hall County Courthouse and Captain Chris Matthews of the Court Services Division, Smiths Detection worked to provide a solution that would fit its specific needs, and installed a new HI-SCAN 5030si checkpoint x-ray inspection system in order to improve the security and safety at the courthouse.

The X-ray now allows the courthouse to screen handbags, parcels, and other personal effects on a computer monitor without having to open each item. The system has a high throughput so items can be screened rapidly without delay, which is the usual cause for long lines at security checkpoints.

The HI-SCAN 5030si is also compact. Courthouses typically have limited space in front entrances and even less space devoted to checkpoint security as compared to other critical infrastructures such as airports. As a result, the HI-SCAN 5030si saves space and is easily moved by one person when extra room is needed.

The new system from Smiths Detection replaced an x-ray inspection system that was over a decade old, allowing for increased security and efficiency in today’s technologically advancing world.


The Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 5030si helps to ensure a more secure courthouse. By introducing advanced technology, the Hall County Courthouse is better equipped to address modern security threats. In addition the courthouse has improved their efficiency and decreased the amount of time it takes to inspect personal belongings brought into the courthouse, as well as the space needed to screen visitors.

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