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Asian Games 2018: securing hopes & dreams
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Urban Security ,
Asian Games 2018: securing hopes & dreams
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The stage is set at international sporting events where teams and individuals gather, striving to achieve their athletic ambitions with the weight of national pride on their shoulders.

As with any large venue that draws in huge crowds, sporting events are potential targets for public menace and disruption. It is of paramount importance for event organisers to ensure the safety of every individual and to provide uncompromised security.

The 18th Asian Games is a 16-day continental multi-sport event. Smiths Detection collaborated closely with the organisers, deploying 95 units of Smiths Detection X-ray solutions across various sports venues. More than 784,000 scans were conducted resulting in more than 57,000 dangerous items seized. These efforts culminated in an incident-free Asian Games.

Technology equipment aside, it was equally important that event staff were trained to handle security at such a prestigious and large-scale event. In all, 1,200 police officers and security personnel were trained, and Smiths Detection’s service team was on-site to provide 24/7 support.

The combination of Smiths Detection’s products and first-class service from our distributors, PT.CAF & PT.SSS, has allowed us to manage one of our most critical tasks—ensuring the highest security standards, which requires exceptional capability and teamwork.
— Erick Thohir, Head of the Asian Games Organising Committee
Race against time

The organisers of the highly anticipated 18th Asian Games did not take any chances when it came to security—stepping up measures with their screening technologies and baggage handling systems.

With just a month away from the event, two pressing criteria had to be met. First, all 95 X-ray screening machines had to meet stringent requirements to deliver the highest security. Second, the machines needed to reach the venues and be installed prior to the start of the Games. The Asian Games organising committee needed a trusted partner who understood the security needs at such large-scale events and could confidently deliver quality security solutions under time pressure.

Relying on a trusted security partner

Smiths Detection’s global reputation as the expert and leader in security solutions gave organisers the confidence that such a large order could be delivered on time with quality standards. The company’s previous experience with international sporting events made Smiths Detection an ideal security partner.

The Smiths Detection team worked closely with the organisers to identify venues and locations where X-ray screening detection would be required. Together, they decided that venue entrances—including the massive GBK Stadium—should be fitted with at least one X-ray machine. These machines can screen all individuals, equipment and provisions required for the day, preventing dangerous objects or substances from entering the facility. The equipment needed to provide effective screening and high throughput rate, so as not to hinder the experience of athletes and spectators.

A total of 75 units of HI-SCAN 6040C, 18 units of HI-SCAN 100100T, and 2 units of HI-SCAN 7555i were deployed across Jakarta at various locations—including the GBK Stadium and the Athletes Village—to maximise on-site security.

A safe and secure environment at the 2018 Asian games in Jakarta

Relishing a new challenge, Smiths Detection activated its Asia manufacturing hub in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, pulling together all resources and production capacity to complete the order. Within a month, all 95 units were smoothly delivered, tested and deployed at the Games.

During the games, Smiths Detection’s service team was stationed on-site to provide round-the-clock support and assistance. More than 1,200 police officers and security personnel conducted rigorous and seamless security checks. Over the course of 16 days, a total of 784,000 scans were conducted and more than 57,000 prohibited items were seized as a result of the security measures in place. This led to a highly successful Asian Games 2018, which concluded with zero security incidents or mishaps.

It was with honour and pride that Smiths Detection stepped up to the plate – to ensure a secure environment for all athletes, teams, and spectators, and provide a peace of mind for sporting dreams to come true.