iCMORE – Automatic Threat Detection

How is iCMORE applicable in the Aviation and Urban Security sectors?

The iCMORE family offers automatic detection of an ever-expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods, such as handguns, ammunition, flick and fixed-blade knives, lithium batteries and other dangerous goods.

The additional detection capabilities not only help to reduce the burden on image analysts, but also improve detection performance and therefore increase security.




Lithium Batteries


Dangerous Goods


iCMORE can be deployed in the screening of hand-baggage and hold-baggage. It has the ability to identify weapons in hand-baggage, as well as lithium batteries and other dangerous goods in hold-baggage. This functions whether concealed or not.

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The high throughput nature of stadiums means there is a heightened risk of dangerous goods or weapons making it past security. With iCMORE integration, operators will be able to cope much more easily with the flow, and so are in a better position to keep people safe.

Air Cargo

Since the pandemic air cargo has seen increased demand across the globe. Alongside this therefore there is greater risk of dangerous goods passing through undetected. Screening devices, when integrated with iCMORE technology will dramatically reduce the likelihood of operator failure.

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Building Security

Equipping entry and exit points with the best technology available provides the first line of defence against threats that put the safety of people and property at risk. In government buildings, prisons, office blocks and world heritage sites, iCMORE technology will reduce the burden on all image analysts and help ensure the premises are kept secure.

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Our object recognition software, iCMORE, uses advanced algorithms to reduce the burden on operators – and potential errors – by automating the detection process for suspicious items within inspected cargo, baggage or palleted goods.

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