Archives, tracks, and retrieves screening results

A networking solution that enhances Smiths HI-SCAN X-ray and IONSCAN 500DT trace detection screening capabilities.
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Product Information


FirstView-LINX works over a standard Ethernet network to integrate HI-SCAN X-ray imaging and IONSCAN 500DT trace detection systems.

The simple and intuitive graphical user interface requires minimal operator training.

Based on a package’s shipping barcode, FirstView-LINX can automatically archive key data from our screening equipment – such as the X-ray image and/or trace results – including the date and time and the operator that screened the package.

Featured Highlights

• Integrates HI-SCAN X-ray imaging and IONSCAN 500DT trace detection systems
• Integrates with barcode scanners, linking screening results to package identifiers for streamlined reporting
• Cost-effective solution for networking a small number of X-ray and trace detection systems

Product downloads

350 Watts
Dual Core i5-650
 8 GB 1333 MHz, DDR3 SDRAM
 Video Card
 nVidia: dual DVI-D
 Hard Drive (unformatted)
 1TB mirrored redundancy
 Hard Drive Controller
 Operating System
 Microsoft Windows 7
 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
 External Media
16X DVD+/-RW
 Standard I/O Ports
(12) USB 2.0
(1) IEEE 1394a

(1) Serial

(2) PS2

(1) RJ45
 Dual 20in LCD Monitors
 Operating System
 Microsoft Windows 7 (x64)
 Image Analysis
Embedded Smiths Heimann Image Format (HIF) Viewer
Sensor Channels
 (3) licenses included (up to 7 additional channels can be added – 10 max.)