Accelerate your security operations capability with ECAC EDS Standard 3 explosive detection systems

Accelerate your security operations capability with ECAC EDS Standard 3 explosive detection systems

Why ECAC EDS Standard 3 matters

ECAC EDS Standard 3 is a regulatory framework passed by the European Commission to improve aviation security. As new regulations demand that airports step up their security to detect a higher level of threats while lowering operational false alarm rates (FAR), hold baggage screening (HBS) entered a transformative phase with airports everywhere upgrading to ECAC EDS Standard 3 approved explosive detection systems (EDS).

ECAC EDS Standard 3 is the answer to greater operational efficiency, improved resource optimization, and more accurate security decisions.

Understanding that every airport and terminal has its own unique set of needs and constraints, our HBS solutions, offer the flexibility and scalability to meet them all. Certified with the industry’s highest ECAC and TSA standards, while accompanied by specialized service teams to provide proactive support, we never leave you alone to transition.

Key Benefits of ECAC EDS Standard 3

Reduced Operational FAR

Standard 3 delivers a reduced operational false alarm rate (FAR) of up to 30% as compared to Standard 2.

Superior Image Quality

Ensuring faster and more accurate alarm resolution by operators, minimising the need for re-checks. 

Enhanced Explosive Detection

Significantly improved detection capabilities for explosives exceeding the highest international standards.

Higher Throughput Rate

Faster belt speed with a higher throughput of up to 1,800 bags per hour for a more efficient turnaround time.

Automatic Screening

Reduced operator contact and hence the risk of virus transmission, while maximising resource allocation.

Object Recognition Capabilities

Complementary automatic detection of dangerous goods, prohibited items and substances.

Footprint Around The World

We have over 735 CT screening solutions contracted and deployed across major airports globally:

  • Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom
  • Changi Airport, Singapore
  • Narita International Airport, Japan
  • Frankfurt Airport, Germany
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada
  • Munich International Airport, Germany
  • Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Leading airports know the importance of selecting the right EDS supplier

Drawing on our successful track record in delivering, installing, and supporting more than 735 ECAC EDS Standard 3 approved CT explosive detection systems globally, our Best Practice Guide highlights what you need to know when upgrading, and defines the key insights from our past deployments.

Download our Best Practice Guide or speak to our Aviation Specialists to find out how Smiths Detection can support you with the Standard 3 process and keep you one step ahead of potential threats.