Accelerate security with ECAC EDS Standard 3 explosive detection systems

Why ECAC EDS Standard 3 matters

ECAC EDS Standard 3 is a regulatory framework passed by the European Commission to improve aviation security. As new regulations demand that airports step up their security to detect a higher level of threats while lowering operational false alarm rates (FAR), hold baggage screening (HBS) entered a transformative phase with airports everywhere upgrading to ECAC EDS Standard 3 approved explosive detection systems (EDS).

ECAC EDS Standard 3 is the answer to greater operational efficiency, improved resource optimization, and more accurate security decisions.

Understanding that every airport and terminal has its own unique set of needs and constraints, our HBS solutions, offer the flexibility and scalability to meet them all. Certified with the industry’s highest ECAC and TSA standards, while accompanied by specialized service teams to provide proactive support, we never leave you alone to transition.

Key Benefits of ECAC EDS Standard 3


Reduced Operational Alarm Rates
Standard 3 delivers a reduced operational alarm rates of up to 30% as compared to Standard 2.


Superior Image Quality
Our Std 3 systems deliver superior image quality, to ensure faster and more accurate alarm resolution by operators, minimising the need for re-checks.


Enhanced Explosive Detection
Significantly improve detection capabilities for explosives with the highest international standards for Hold Baggage screening.


Higher Throughput Rate
Faster belt speed with a higher throughput of up to 1,800 bags per hour for a more efficient turnaround time.


Upgrade Without Disruption
With over 750 installations worldwide and industry leading programme management, we can install new HBS without disrupting your existing operations.

Digitally enhance your technology with iCMORE

Bring even greater security screening to your ECAC Std 3 technology with our AI-powered iCMORE automatic threat recognition software. Capable of detecting lithium batteries, currency, a range of combustible items and much more.

Exceed standard with the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT

The TSA certified, high-speed, next generation HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is the advanced CT explosives detection system for hold baggage and air cargo complying with the current ECAC regulations. It features a dual-view dual-energy X-ray line scanner with full 3D volumetric computed tomography (CT) imaging and reconstruction.

Case studies

Stuttgart Airport: An elevating challenge!

Smiths Detection successfully upgraded the ECAC EDS Standard 2 at the Stuttgart Airport to super-fast Standard 3.1 to meet the EU regulations and deliver the highest levels of security.

Making room for hold baggage screening in limited space

The explosives detection systems (EDS) were installed on mezzanines in spite of space constraints. The new EDS are in compliance with new screening regulations and provide enhanced screening.

Benefits of Rotating CT Technology

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