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Checkpoints on which to build a future

New regulations. Increasing passenger numbers. Exacting business goals. Three challenges that demand more complex checkpoint-security solutions. Today’s checkpoints need to be flexible, ready for the future with reliable and effective interfaces, driven by sophisticated network monitoring that increases productivity and mitigates operational risk.

Integrated checkpoint solutions from Smiths Detection are tailored to help you build a smooth passenger experience, improve efficiencies, deliver the security needed to protect people and infrastructure. Our industry-leading service technology and personnel are available for the lifespan of your equipment, providing support from planning and design to implementation and training. And beyond.

Computed tomography scanners at checkpoints

Discover our CtiX advanced screening solution

Our newest checkpoint solution uses CT technology to provide enhanced detection screening.

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Protecting public health at the checkpoint

As the aviation industry begins to build its action plan for reinstating operations, airports will be looking to rapidly regain the confidence of travelers through the introduction of heightened safety measures and the reduction of touch points along the entire passenger journey.

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