Non-motorised X-ray inspection trailer system

Feature Highlights

• Incorporates Smiths Detection HI-SCAN technologies
• Powerful X-ray generator (2 x 160 kVcp)
• Easy loading by motorised conveyor
• Penetration up to 37mm steel (typical)
• Film safe up to ISO 1600/33 DIN
• Integrated power generator

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Product Information


ScanTrailer is a mobile X-ray inspection system using a non-motorised trailer suitable for public roads.

Designed for places where luggage, freight or mail is loaded or unloaded and needs to be checked for customs or security purposes.

Fast and easy loading and unloading is facilitated by a powerful motorised conveyor (input side) and a heavy-duty roller conveyor (output side).

Integrating HI-SCAN screening systems, Smiths Detection offers four, customisable ScanTrailers to suit a range of needs and specifications.

ScanTrailer 8585

ScanTrailer 9075

ScanTrailer 130100

ScanTrailer 100100V-2is

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