HI-SCAN 130130T-2is

Heavy freight X-ray system

The HI-SCAN 130130T-2is has been designed to handle heavy freight and europallets ideal for screening air cargo.
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Product Information


The HI-SCAN 130130T-2is has been designed for the inspection of heavy freight and Euro pallets.

Its low installation height is ideal for conveyor belts, and the connection of supplementary feed and discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight is simple.

It is equipped with two generators beaming in two directions (dual view). The second beam direction is displaced at 90°, facilitating reliable inspections of even tightly packed objects in a single process, shortening inspection times and increasing effectiveness.

Typical penetration is 35mm of steel in view 2 and 30mm in view 1, while the maximum conveyor load is 250kg (550lbs).

Featured Highlights

• Specially developed for integration into conveyor systems
• Dual view for shorter inspection times
• Low conveyor belt allows for easy handling of heavy objects
• HiTraX technology employing real-time image processing
• HI-MAT Plus technology for better material distinction
• Ergonomically designed operating console with user definable key functions

Product downloads

Max. object size
1,300 (W) x 1,300 (H) [mm]
51.2 (W) x 51.2 (H) [in]
3,720 (L) x 2,100 (W) x 2,265 (H) [mm]

146.5 (L) x 82.7 (W) x 89.2 (H) [in]
approx. 2,200kg
approx. 4,850lbs

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