Smiths Detection launches iCmore™ automatic detection software for cargo inspection X-ray systems

Smiths Detection today launches iCmore, an advanced software suite for the automatic identification of suspicious items or dangerous threats, concealed within vehicles and maritime containers. The software will allow border control officers to identify items such as cigarettes or dangerous levels of radioactivity precisely.

iCmore assists security operators or customs officers by focusing their attention on any abnormalities within the load during the scanning process, to reduce guess-work and speed up analysis. It helps customs to recoup potentially valuable lost tax revenue.

The software also lowers strain levels for operators by improving procedures and speeding traffic throughput. These upgrades are available for the range of powerful HCV cargo inspection systems produced by Smiths Detection.

Shan Hood, Vice President, Product and Technology at Smiths Detection, said: “iCmore supports an important step change for our customers by offering a much greater degree of automation. It will make a major contribution to the fight against international terrorism and smuggling, by speeding up the inspection of an ever increasing volume of cross-border traffic”.

The iCmore software configurations will initially focus on cigarettes, radiation sources and the recognition of non-empty containers. Planned additions will help identify inconsistencies in the load and automatic targeting of expensive or heavy materials such as gold, lead or uranuim.

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