Protecting public health at the checkpoint

Reducing touchpoints along the passenger journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed expectations of safety and security, with a potential long term impact on previously routine behaviour and processes.  For the aviation industry, meeting these expectations will be critical to allow operations to function as efficiently and safely as possible.

Smiths Detection is ready to partner with airports to help restore passenger and employee confidence through the equipment we supply, the partners we work with and the safety measures we can help put in place.

A coherent response will include preventative measures such as cleaning of equipment, minimising contact between travellers and staff and in the longer term the introduction of new technologies such as biometrics to help reduce the risks further.

Our team of experts can work with airports to conduct a complete review of your screening operation and provide advice on effective measures and process changes – we predict the impact these changes would have on your operation with our existing modelling tools.

You can find a growing list of our resources on responding to the COVID-19 crisis below or you can reach out to us for advice today.

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Advanced Checkpoint Screening and Management Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the air travel industry and will undoubtedly lead to lasting changes in passenger expectations. While regaining the confidence of travellers through additional hygiene measures and the reduction of touchpoints along the passenger journey are key objectives of current airport recovery plans, improving operational efficiency will be just as important.

In this white paper we will explore the benefits of integrated checkpoint screening and management platforms and their relevance to the recovery of airports from the impact of COVID-19.

Disinfecting Airport Security Trays – a clean tray every time

Which benefits can your airport gain from UV-C light tray disinfection? What this video to find out.

Ultraviolet light tray disinfection for checkpoint trays

UV light is well proven as a disinfectant in various indrusties with high hygiene requirements and has now been leveraged to automatically sanitise checkpoint trays.

Safe by design – building safety into our products

Everything we do helps to make the world a safer place. That is why our UV disinfection kit for checkpoint trays not only protects staff…

Predicting the impact of keeping a distance at security divestment

Social distancing measures have seen some divest stations closed to create space between passengers. Read here how this will impact the checkpoint throughput.

Preparing for take-off – comment on ICAO recommendations

How airports can use technology to achieve ICAOs recommendations for social distancing and heightened hygiene standards at the checkpoint.

Security Screening at a distance

Restoring passenger confidence by minimising contact between people and surfaces will be important as air travel begins to pick up.

Deploying image analysts in a remote location increases safety for both staff and passengers.

External cleaning recommendations for CXS, EDS and ETD systems

At this time we understand that you are being extra vigilant with the cleanliness of your work environment for the benefit of your staff and end-users. In light of this we wanted to advise on the best way to clean your equipment without compromising its performance.

Airport screening in a COVID-19 environment

This article published by the Airport Business Magazine outlines the unique challenge to preserve security levels while accommodating new health and hygiene measures at security checkpoints to regain passenger confidence.

Checkpoint CT scanners pave the way for the contactless checkpoint

Computed Tomography scanners can help to minimise the touchpoints passengers and security officials experience during the screening process while providing the most advanced screening of…

Low false alarm rates reduce touch points

Maintaining a steady flow of bags and people through the security checkpoint will be crucial for avoiding passenger build-up and minimising contact. Operating with a…

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