Reaching new heights with impressive new products

Two impressive new products take checkpoint security and preventative maintenance to completely new levels.

NEW: HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX checkpoint scanner

The first to feature Smiths Detection proprietary CT (Computed Tomography) scanning technology, the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX. It was developed to deliver higher standards of security – whilst also optimising checkpoint performance through improved productivity, higher throughput and lower costs.

Launched at inter airport Europe, it eliminates the need to remove electronic devices and liquids from hand luggage, subject to approval from the appropriate local authorities. This will expedite screening and make the process more passenger-friendly. Simply handling fewer trays can significantly increase checkpoint throughput, while the impressive 0.2m/s belt speed and low false alarm rate also speed up the process.

To minimise upgrade costs, the new scanner can be easily incorporated into existing checkpoint lanes. Integration into an advanced screening and management platform, such as Smiths Detection’s Checkpoint.Evoplus, will streamline operations even further through remote screening and directed search, as well as providing access to valuable management data. Further planned enhancements for the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX focus on the automatic detection of prohibited items such as guns and large knives, potentially meaning operators will no longer need to review every image.

CT is the only technology likely to meet the new C3 (and in the future C4) European standards for Explosives Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage and the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX has been submitted for  both EDS CB C3 and TSA testing.  The first systems will be available early in 2018.

NEW: CORAL Analytics Suite keeps things moving

A unique preventive maintenance solution, CORAL facilitates scheduled system downtime and keeps things moving with near 100% uptime.  Preliminary results from field tests have shown an impressive 75% reduction in operational downtime for hold baggage explosives detection systems when using CORAL.

Leveraging the latest in advanced, predictive analytics and secure, remote communication connections, it has revolutionised performance data collection. Scanners with CORAL installed use diagnostic tools and sensors to automatically transmit data.  Proprietary algorithms then analyse this data and use it to recommend actions.

When systems reach key performance thresholds, CORAL automatically issues preventive maintenance tickets, allowing repairs to be proactively scheduled without any detrimental impact on airport operations.

Airports can now have visibility into equipment performance and potential outages, giving them the ability to pre-empt issues and schedule work during off-hours. CORAL is initially being integrated with hold baggage screening equipment, but it is compatible with all Smiths Detection networked systems, including air cargo and checkpoint screening.

CORAL is available now and can be introduced into existing systems on-site simply by installing new hardware sensors and the appropriate software. Equipment coming off the production line will be equipped with the necessary sensors and ready to receive the CORAL solution as required.