HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX – Official launch confirmed

Smiths Detection will take checkpoint security to a new level with the launch of its eagerly awaited HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX checkpoint scanner.  It will be demonstrated for the first time at Inter Airport Europe in Munich this October with initial airport trials also expected to begin in the same month.  Designed to meet all the latest regulatory requirements, prototypes will soon start the relevant approval processes for both EDS CB C3 and the TSA’s anticipated APSS (Accessible Property Screening System).

This is the company’s first passenger checkpoint scanner based on CT (Computed Tomography) technology. Unlike conventional X-ray scanners, which create a 2D view from fixed generators and detectors, the CT gantry rotates at a constant speed as the baggage is carried through it on a conveyor belt.  Contents are examined from every angle and 3D images generated, delivering more detailed information and supporting very accurate judgements on substances within the bag.  The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX will deliver both 2D and 3D images and a training tool is underway to guide operators through the handling and interpretation of 3D imagery.

Developed to optimise checkpoint performance by improving productivity, increasing throughput and reducing costs, the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX eliminates the need to remove electronic devices and liquids from hand luggage, subject to approval from the appropriate local authority.  This will expedite screening and make the whole process less stressful for passengers. Simply handling fewer trays can alone significantly increase throughput.  At an impressive 0.2m/s the belt speed along with a low false alarm rate will also keep things (and people) moving. 

To minimise upgrade costs, the new scanner is easily incorporated into existing checkpoint lanes.  Integration into an advanced screening and management platform, such as Checkpoint.Evoplus from Smiths Detection, will streamline operations even further through remote screening and directed search, as well as providing access to valuable management data.

The first HI-SCAN 6040CTiX systems will be available for installation early in 2018.