Stadium & Arena Security

Our latest whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to learn about risk scenarios that stadiums and arenas can encounter.

Keeping visitors safe and secure

People want to feel safe whenever they are in facilities with large crowds.

Smiths Detection offers a portfolio of solutions to protect visitors and help you ensure they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Check out the literature below to learn how Smiths Detection is helping to secure many different types of hospitality venues

Hotel security screening

You want to make sure your guests are safe while they’re at your hotel, and minimizing their experience with security screening is part of helping them enjoy their stay. With our solutions you can achieve both.

Theme Park Security

Don’t let security screening slow down your guests day of fun. Download our leaflet of security solutions that help get your guest to onto your rides with minimal interference.

Securing hopes and dreams

Smiths Detection played an important role in helping to secure the Asian games. Read our case study to learn more.

Four potential risk scenarios facing the hospitality industry

And four ways in which security screening technology can help.

Download our white paper to learn about four potential risk scenarios your facility may encounter when managing people and goods entering the premises and how screening technology can improve the safety and security of your employees and guests.

Conference centre security

Our non-invasive solutions for conference centre screening security help keep your guests moving and safe.

Arena security

Whether it can fit 2000 people or 200,000, help keep your guests safe with these Smiths Detection security screening solutions.

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