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Developed with the customer experience and need in mind, our software applications enhance both Smiths Detection solutions and your security


DaiSy gives operators access to customizable image treatments and comparison tools, for the rapid interpretation of images and verification of cargo.

Unaccompanied Baggage Inspection software

Our unaccompanied baggage inspection software allows for the fast review of a checked bags x-ray scan to confirm the contents for further inspection before it needs to be offloaded.


This software suite reduces the burden on operators – and potential errors – by automating the detection process for suspicious items within inspected cargo.

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Digital insights

Deep learning at Smiths Detection

An interview with Smiths Detection Software Engineer on deep learning and how we’re embracing the field to improve operations and safety.

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Predictive analytics – The impact on EDS performance
White paper

Predictive maintenance will improve organizational operations by foreseeing when and where maintenance needs to occur so action can be taken before a machine goes down.

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Bringing machine learning to ports and borders

Port and border authorities face a huge challenge being in the front line of the battle against cross-border smuggling. Through the adoption of machine learning Smiths Detection hopes to change that.

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