Automatic Weapons Detection in Aviation Security

AI & object recognition in aviation – The role of Deep Learning in Security Screening

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is everywhere. It pervades daily life and many different industries and has a key role to play in aviation security.

AI techniques such as deep learning have led to the development of smart, adaptable algorithms for the automatic detection of an expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods and substances. They provide invaluable support for security operators, customs officers and other controlling authorities.

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Airport weapon detection: Why we need both man and machine

Weapon detection needs the strongest combination of skillsets to be successful. In working as one, a system based on man and machine can be far more consistent as well as infinitely more thorough.

Have you got a minute? – Automatic weapon detection using artificial intelligence

Watch this short video to learn how artificial intelligence reduces the burden on image analysts and increases efficiency and detection accuracy.

3D Deep Learning - Taking object recognition to the next level

Read our interview with Dr. Fischer, Chief Software Scientist AI & Machine Learning, to learn how 3D deep learning will take object recognition to the next level.

iCMORE Weapons – Your solution for reliable automatic weapon detection

Detecting handguns, gun parts, flick and fixed-blade knives, iCMORE Weapons was developed to support aviation security operators at passenger checkpoints, increase efficiency and detection accuracy.

iCMORE Weapons – Your benefits


Digital support for security operators


High probability of detection


No impact on existing certifications


Easy upgrade in the field