Sustainability at
Smiths Detection

Sustainability at
Smiths Detection

Sustainability is about respect

Respect is a core Smiths Detection value, and for us respect extends to everyone we work with, the communities we operate and the impact that we have on the environment. This means improving our environmental, social and governance sustainability performance wherever possible and the benefit of our customers. Acting in this way means that we are helping to make the world a better place while we work to make it a safer place.



At Smiths Detection we pride ourselves on developing quality products that are built to last decades not years. They are designed to be serviceable and upgradable to meet changing needs. Our equipment has amongst the highest or highest energy efficiency in our industry, reducing our customers operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Takeback schemes exist for a number of products, allowing us to recycle or refurbish equipment for future use.

And our new digital first SMS service platform means that a field technician need only go to site if an issue can’t be solved remotely. While our APM software allows for the remote monitoring of system health in order to prevent issues before they occur.



Each of Smiths Detection five manufacturing site is ISO14001 certified. As part of this, we are continuously reviewing the impact of our operations to see we can further reduce waste within our operations (including green houses gas) and improve our environmental performance.

The requirement for continuous improvement from the ISO certification aligns with Smiths Detection’s LEAN manufacturing methodology, which seeks to reduce waste, create efficient, resilient processes while bringing the highest level of quality control and value to our customers. This methodology is something we seek to pass onto out suppliers, developing strong partnerships to ensure quality and effectiveness.

As an organisation, we have ambitious waste and green houses gas emission reduction targets. Today, at Smiths Detection over 90 percent of our energy comes from renewable resources and we recycle over 90 percent of our waste.

As part of Smiths Group, we are committed to achieving Net-Zero in our operations by 2040. Find out more at



We recognise that sustainability goes beyond the environment, and have a number of social sustainability programmes internally and externally to benefit our people and the communities in which we operate.

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Giving back to the community

We aim to contribute positively to our communities. At every location, Smiths Detection teams are involved in a variety of charitable giving and volunteer activities. These grassroots employee-initiated activities have become part of the Smiths Detection DNA and demonstrate how we are willing to go beyond our day-to-day responsibilities to have impact on our communities.

STEM activities

We’re passionate about technology at Smiths Detection, and we love being able to share this passion and the diversity of STEM with local children and young people. In addition to connecting local schools and teaching them about the practical application of STEM, we also sponsor PhDs and graduate programmes to students around the globe.

Safety and Wellness

We can’t make the world a safer place if our people aren’t safe, so the safety of our team members and the people we work with its our number one priority. We provide extensive on the job training and have a robust system to monitor and respond to possible onsite health and safety risks.

Our Employee Assistance Programme provides any Smiths Detection employee with access with free, anonymous support services for a range of areas, and our internal Thrive programme provides tools and knowledge in a range of areas to excel at work at in their personal lives.


Diverse workforces are great places to work; they bring new ideas, fresh perspective and an atmosphere that celebrates differences. At Smiths Detection we embrace diversity and encourage people from all experiences and backgrounds to join us to help make the world a safer place.



We’re committed to upholding high ethical standards wherever we operate around the world. We are guided by our Smiths Code of Business Ethics and have mechanisms in place to report and respond to ethics concerns. Find out more about Sustainability at Smiths here.