People screening with automatic detection

Non-invasive, automatic multi-material detection of concealed objects

People screening systems provide both, automated detection of contraband and full privacy of persons being screened.
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Product Information


Millimetre-wave people screening solutions provide automatic multi-material detection of concealed objects, such as metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids or narcotics. The system immediately indicates concealed object locations with a marker shown on a representation of the person being screened. This allows for fast and targeted inspection, which results in increased security and throughput, and an improved passenger and operator experience.

Used at security checkpoints in airports, corporate buildings and public venues around the globe, these non-invasive solutions allow for complete privacy and anonymity while helping to reveal concealed materials.

We are world-wide experts in deploying various technologies including partner systems to enable customers to achieve both layered security solutions and operational efficiencies. Our Open Architecture approach allows for the easy integration of third party devices into any current checkpoint configuration as well as into our central screening & management solutions.

Featured Highlights


  • Ensures a less intrusive screening process by reducing the need for manual searches
  • Uses a generic mannequin representation of the person to maintain privacy


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